Masahiko Nakahira and Masaomi Kanzaki teaming up for a new Street Fighter anthology



If it’s another manga with Ryu as the main character still searching for the true meaning of power or battle or whatever, count me out. Same goes if its about Sakura or Ken.
I guess it’ll be about SF4, so if it’s about say Abel, then yeah I’m in.


Wow that’s pretty amazing! :clapdos:

Would be cool if they got Itoh Mami in there too. She did manga on SF2, Vampire/Darkstalkers and Warzard/Red Earth. Here’s hoping.


Damn Sano, you should make a thread and post about what manga series were made for the Capcom products, why you holdin’ out on us man ;_;?


ha i’d rather just have Masahiko Nakahira make a new SF manga. he was great at it. its a treat to see them working on SF manga again.


LOL it’s tricky because some things may or may not be on their way here regarding translations, I’d hate to send people on wild goose chases especially when Udon said before that they are working on translating more Capcom manga. The majority of Capcom fighting game manga is out of print and tricky to find. If there’s something specific, just ask and I’ll let you know if there’s a manga for it. Well if I know of it anyway.

The current Monster Hunter Orage manga is really good. It’s like One Piece + Monster Hunter. The artist was an understudy on One Piece. Probably will never come here since Monster Hunter is way more popular in Japan, but there’s a scanlation. :smile:


Then do you mind just listing what Capcom series you know of got comics made for it?
I’ll give Orage a read sometime though if its generic shonen…it had better impress me, since most Shonen series bore me with their cliches :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s a lot of anthology books for games featuring short comedic stories and different artists, most are not worth looking into, bad art and bad comedy prevails. But some like Capcom Girls. For those there’s Project Justice, CVS 1 and 2, Namco x Capcom and tons of SF related ones.

Regular ones -

Strider (Manga came before any of the games, it’s why Strider’s rights are complex)
SF Series (Duh)
Darkstalkers Series (A lot)
CVS (Short manga by Masahiko Nakahira)
Warzard / Red Earth by Itoh Mami
Rockman AKA Mega Man (Majority of games and franchises have manga)
Phoenix Wright
Devil May Cry 3
Onimusha Dawn of Dreams
Sengoku Basara
Zelda Oracle of Seasons / Ages (Capcom made those games for Nintendo, there’s lots of Zelda manga besides)
Monster Hunter Orage

That’s all I can think of right now. There’s probably more though.


:lovin: thanks for the feedback Sano. I know of some Rockman manga series BTW.


This may turn out to be a manga artbook rather than a manga anthology. The title’s Street Fighter Art Comic Anthology, and it looks to feature more people than just Nakahira-sensei and Kanzaki-sensei.


An artbook? Interesting…


I’m down for an artbook. Can’t wait for the release.