Mash Ups Thread

as people may or may not know mashup artists are all over the place now, and imho it’s one of the few things keeping modern music interesting ( some mixes are better than other, of course ). use this thread to discuss mashup artists, tight mashup songs you’ve seen / heard, etc.

i’ll just list some good examples off of youtube for reference

no doubt vs. the prodigy - hella good girls

green day vs oasis - boulevard of broken songs

rihanna vs new order - shut up on a blue monday

the beatles vs nine inch nails - come closer together

chemical brothers vs beastie boys - shake your piku

kylie minogue vs moloko - bring it back in your eyes

notorious big, tupac shakur, johnny cash - runnin / hurt

lily allen vs rupee / daddy yankee - tempted to smile

david guetta vs deep dish - time

nelly furtado vs monrose - say it physical

eurhythmics vs white stripes - sweet dreams are made of a seven nation army

tatu vs klaxons - 30 golden skans

benny benassi vs sir mix a lot - benny got back

gwen stefani vs madonna - what you hung up for

dizzee rascal vs coldplay - stand up tall / trouble

jay-z vs the verve - brush your bittersweet shoulders off

kanye west vs maroon 5 - diamonds / this love

I saw a Jay-Z//Linkin Park mashup a few years ago.


Here it is.


hmmm i feel ur all gonna be mod raped for not putting this in the vid forum


Daft Punk vs 50 Cent and Justin


Terry Bogard vs. Capcom

its more tony jaa vs terry bogard vs capcom

Wow, mash-ups are kinda cool. Never heard the term before, but some of these are pretty good. Some of them make my ears cry though.

Slightly off-topic, but Busta had a song last year that had that “Touch it Bring it Pay it Watch it Turn it Leave it Start Format it” line in it. Did he take that from a Daft Punk song, or did they take it from his song?

I can’t believe this got moved into the video gallery, but the other various music threads get to stay in GD. This rule is just pure bullshit.

^ I agree. This is a music discussion thread, not a ‘look at this video!’ thread. But I’m not a mod.

The Kanye West + Maroon 5 is definitely hot.

yeah… if u like Benny Benassi , there is a compilation series you should check out called “Euro Club Hits” –

it’s pretty clear that dance music is coming back around the world – just check the recent big American hip-hop and R&B hits which are clear rip-offs of the european dance style…

here’s the direct iTunes link to the “Euro Club Hits” series…

:u: stop spamming.

Anyway, no mashup thread should be without something by siik.

[media=youtube]kfYH3U3vhXU[/media] – Amerie vs. Nujabes - One Thing. It’s siik’s mashup, but someone put it against the original video.




Wow these are sick. I must find some in MP3 form now.