Mashed Potatoes - The Hugo Combo, setups and character specific tech thread

I haven’t had a chance to play Ultra yet, let’s share some knowledge to get me on track when I pick up the big potato himself.

You can start adding those most of us knows.

HP.clap MP.clap LP.lap s.LK xx l.Lariat (369 dmg, 495 stun)

HK ultra throw LP.clap LP.backbreaker (288dmg, 330stun)

leap attack s.LK/s.LP xx l.lariat/Super (I havent been able to do it, but i saw max UltraDavid do it on stream, not sure if its character specific)

Safejump setups:

After a EX Backbreaker jf.HK
After a light lariat dash j.hp (body press)

I have been using Leap Attack (down down MK) to ultra throw quite alot. However, they can still backdash,jump and srk mash out of it.

Here’s the frame data from “that” app.

If I have some time I’ll put it in a spreadsheet

wow, butt rocket is negative FORTY on block. Damn. Also, overhead jump kick is +2 on block? I didn’t see the plus sign there, but there’s no negative sign either.

You’re the best. Some things are probably off in the app, but they seem pretty great overall. Lp CLap has a lot more recovery than I’d expect it to.

As for combos
-CH HP Clap, Hp Clap, Mp Clap, Lp Clap, Lp/Lk xx Lk Lariat
-CH Hp Clap, Hp Clap, Mp Clap, Ex Clap, Lp Clap, Lp/Lk xx Lk Lariat
-CH Mp Clap, Mp Clap, Lp Clap, Lp/Lk xx Lk Lariat
-CH Mp Clap, Mp Clap, Ex Clap, Lp Clap, Lp/Lk xx Lk Lariat

-CH Cr.Lk xx Lp Clap, Lp xx L Lariat = 253 Damage, 308 Stun
-CH Cr.Lk xx Ex Clap, Lp Clap, Lp xx Lariat = 352 Damage, 462 Stun

Sorry, I’m new to deciphering Combo text, what does ‘CH’ mean?

Counter Hit

Here is some that I use…
Light 360 powerbomb Throw ->DashForward-> Forward Jump Heavy Kick(DropKick)->OS Lariat to catch backdash You Can block and be safe as well.

EX Lariet ->Buff 360 when the lariat get blocked ->Ultra 1

I was wondering how negative it is lol. your character basically breaks whenever you hit that move lmao.

Mid screen combo.
Ultra throw ->MP Clap ->LP Clap xx Super ->U2 600+ damage.
Haven’t tested MP clap on every character but it is a tight link.
Also I’m having a hard time getting the ultra to connect consistently.

One thing I’m testing is the safety of LP.Clap on block. So far, the only strike that made contact has been Honda’s U1 and for some reason, if I reversal LP.Clap with Honda U1, Hugo gets hit because the game puts him in the startup animation of another LP.Clap. I need to test this by increasing the blocking time between claps.

Nope, it must have been something else with my testing originally. Honda’s U1 does not glitch Hugo after claps.

Ultra is most likely character specific. I was saving this for my combo video D: (Still gonna include it though)

just wanna say xx lp.lariat is a very good counter poke, it almost hits near the end of, gets you the hard knockdown. was facing another Hugo and he kept poking with it, so I’d thought I’d add it to my arsenal.

going to up some wins and losses later today, not sure why nobody’s started upping match footage yet?

Should we make a thread for match up tips and Hugo help videos?

I was thinking of that too cause people are starting to complain about people posting matches in the other video thread.

Happy to see the hugo nation alive, im trying to put together safe jumps and meaty set ups with the frame data given, thank you by the way for that. Hugo has a lot of slow pokes but at the same time the active frames are great ill let you guys know what ive come up with

Does hammer mountain have different startups depending on the power of the punch I start it with ? Sometimes I’ll catch a hit in a footsie battle but the super will be blocked.

I love fishing for it with lp both crouching or standing.

I think standing lk might serve me better as it seems to have a nicer hotbox, it is cancel label to super right?

Does anypne know any good UT setups? I’m finding it hard to connect since its so slow

You should probably be using EX UT instead as it’s 4 frames and invincible if you aren’t. I’ve been using it for punishes and tick throws.

What is the exact input for kara ultra throw?