Mashing at %5 health

Finally decided to play some online matches (mostly play offline) and it seems I kept losing to people going into a “mashing nerd rage” at low health and were so random I found myself losing because I was too shocked to recover.

Any tips? Lol

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Yeah figured that much. Stupid to even think I could ask here nothing a good ol but whooping or ten won’t teach me

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Anticipate it then punish the move accordingly

stop being so goddamned terrible? why the hell do you need “tips” for not slamming on your controller like an ape?

edit: i read your post wrong, mostly because this is a terrible thread so imma just leave what i said so everyone can read it and equate you to an ape. real answer below:

stop being so goddamned terrible? why the hell do you need “tips” for beating someone who slams on their controller like an ape?

Simple physics :

You also mash which by newton’s law on electromagnetic behaviour will ensure that you will nullify the opponents mashing and if you mash real hard, you will still have some mashing power left to destroy your oponnent under the massive mashing pressure you put up.

Or block.

also, what’s this -> %5 <- what is this??? have you never seen the front of a milk carton, or you know, any use of the % notation anywhere EVER?

and your name is TriplePunch? How absurd! Humans only have two arms, you dolt!

lol, the guy gives you the best answer possible and gets shot down. Whats more stupid is trying to do shit when you should expect an opponent with 5% HP to either a) block b) do something like a random ultra. I dont know what more advice you want. If you want my opinion though which im sure you dont care about. If your losing mostly online from mashers and getting randomed out, chances are you arent thinking when you play.

It’s nice to see Dustloop aren’t the only community that answers questions with insults.

If you enjoy fighting games and want to see the scene grow and not become stagnant, help the new kids. They’ll appreciate the advice and you’ll appreciate another opponent to overcome.

Regarding the OP: you’ll learn very quickly that, when put under pressure, opponents will often act erratically. They’ll mash jab, throw out a random ultra etc. Just be aware of your opponents habits and playstyle. If they seem like they’ll try to random you out just back away/block. If your at a health advantage there’s no reason for you to not just back of and let them make a mistake. Knowing how and when to punish whiffed moves is necessary info that you should work on asap.

Don’t go autopilot and continue playing ‘your’ game. With a game like this, there are many factors to take into account while in a match. Think of it like this, how can one with 5% health make a comeback? Doing anything and hoping for the best, whether that be wakeup ultra, or random DP if your playing overly aggressive etc. This is true for those that you expect will try to random you out. So pay attention to them while the match develops.

So when it comes down to having any decent life lead whatsoever, it’s time for you to play with the clock and consider the other players options. Absolutely no reason for you to make the play to end the match quickly. Just play it safe, THEY need to do something in this situation, and you reacting accordingly is decisive.

Your right, you are stupid for asking here, you should have asked in the newbie dojo forum.
Seemed more like a ‘temper tantrum post’ than a legitamite question anyway.

And noone cares what type of phone you posted from, or the app you used.

those notations are automated, not opted for

reminds me of a masher called darkline777 on psn Gen player. the fuck would MASH on all buttons. :confused: in a 360 fashion or from :db: to :df: include the unintentional random forward and neutral jumps.

mash on all buttons and directions, result in an advanced technique of

MASH-Option-Select-Throw-Tech setup.

tech throw, ultra/reversal dp kicks on whiff, combo on hit :rofl::rofl:


Think while you play. What has your opponent done the other times they were pressured, and what do you think they will do this time? This applies to all fighting games.

Play the match in reverse. Play like you have 5% life at the start of the game, right off the bat. That way your defence will improve and you won’t go gung ho into the fight because you think you can take a few hits and trade some.

Watch the pro’s, they won’t even tolerate taking chip damage. Take a look at Diago or Mago vids and see how the match pans out.

The majority of online street fighter 4 is like having sex when you were 16. It’s a flurry of action and your done in 12 seconds. Take your time, think and enjoy it.

block and only poke them… no block strings if you’re not 100% airtight with them
game is retarded with shortcuts and big reversal window, makes any scrub dangerous and forces you to lame it out… especially online

Don’t play a 70% life lead the same way you would play with both players at 80%. What’s the worst they can do if you just stop doing anything and defend? that’s the question you should leave to them to answer.

If you’re in an offensive situation with them at 5% life, don’t underestimate the power of just doing a single jab and then blocking/backing off. Even if they don’t take the bait, you’re not under any pressure to get more damage anyway and they aren’t left in a particularly strong situation either.

Owned! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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