Mashing at %5 health

You can disable it, but depending on the app the option for it may be in some out of the way menu. Or op’s just being lazy.

You can definitely disable it on the iPhone version. No idea about the Android version, but I assume so.

So as to contribute something to the actual topic, I’m going to echo the sentiment of “block and punish.”

You should smash as well at 5%!!! If you can out smash them then you will win!

You can definitely disable it for android, or at the very least you can change it to something, anything, other than the default “sent from my [phone] using Tapatalk” Unless you like advertising for tapatalk…

oh and to the op… back off to the other side of the screen, taunt and wait for them to jump on to your AA.

well if i ever get an android or something at least i know i can post via tapatalk.

Who do you play? You could just back up and shoot fireballs for block damage. :smiley:

keep cool when you are in the hot seat(don’t play like there is an electric eel up your ass), block & punish. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wait it out. The opponent will bury themselves and then you can punish. Play as solidly as possible (don’t stick out normals/specials on their wake-up/jump in especially if they have Ultra or a instant reversal) and don’t panic. Think about the situation from their perspective. Most likely they won’t be playing safe because the only thing they have to lose is the round.

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EX projectiles for the chip kill or anti air setup.

Just keep your cool and block a little more that usual. You have the timer in your favor and all you gotta do is wait for something to wiff and jab,jab GG.