Mashing does take skill

In SSF4 why are people talking smack on mashers? This technique takes quite a bit of skill, it requires you to be comfortable with your inputs and in this particular game it’s a legit strategy so why are people complaining about this? It’s easy to bait a masher if he’s somewhat predictable with it.

Mashing could have saved my life a lot of times but I mess up and an hadouken comes out instead, perhaps it is the input lag I don’t know.

I’m just tired of people everywhere complaining about this, if you watch Ortiz playing he mashes constantly even when he doesn’t have three bars. It’s a risky move but it can pay off sometimes.

Just my thought on the subject.

There’s a good time for mashing. It’s just annoying because its effective. I hate masters tbh.

Best counter strategy is learning when the best time to mash is and counter/punish it.

Are you seriously attempting to argue the legitimacy of button-mashing on SRK?

It can’t be argued it’s legit, mashing is existent at high level of play it’s part of the game.

trolling in a troll thread

I’ll bite. It’s because it’s a bad gamble at the end of the day and you’re an idiot for trying it. Relying on someone dropping their combos or interrupting strings is not smart and leaves you open for the harshest punishes if you fail. If you succeed, you basically landed 20 less damage than a throw would have most of the time.

Mashing - and losing to it - brings a lot of salt. You dumb the game down by doing it, to be honest. When you play a masher, you have to forget about playing real offense. You have to play overly defensive because tons of options get blown up by a random 3f invincible reversal. So you throw out very little and purposely bait the mashing and make them regret their decision to mash, every single time. Yet most of the time they will do it again because they don’t want to learn. Exciting game of hold back, press LP twice, wait, punish the Shoryu. Not really the greatest game. Of course, most people who complain about mashers are smart. And they sadly assume that other players are smart and won’t mash after getting punished three times in a row. So they try something else and - surprise - get mashed into Ultra combo because they’ve been eating so much damage off your punishes. And now the masher can probably do a 50/50 into another 50/50 set up.

People get very frustrated when they lose to someone who isn’t planning ahead and is living by “just do it.” You walk away from the match feeling like shit because you lost to someone who didn’t have to think too much to defeat you. They succeed in hitting a Shoryuken mid screen as if it was a valid footsie tool and you’re amazed at how someone can be so stupid yet land it on you still because you weren’t expecting it three times in a row. Throw in the online variable lag factor and you’ve got people purposely abusing your delayed reactions by making safe LP Shoryus and that godlike double Shoryu.

As a Seth player, I have long hated mashers with a passion. So I tend to get a little salty just thinking about them.

obvious troll thread

Who cares? We all know there isn’t an effective counter to beat the living crap out of mashers. It’s also funny how grabs tend to beat pokes at close range because that’s what morons do when they can’t land a hit, they always go for the grab which oddly enough I tend to land many hits all the time. Most morons delude themselves thinking that turtling is a good technique when in reality it is just a ruse to use the more faulty game play such as chucking a projectile thinking it’s impossible for them to avoid. Even then the grab requires mashing at the same time to be effective, seriously if it weren’t for that no one would be able to do any damage besides chip, that or command grab for the brain dead.

The effective counter against mashers is to bait and punish their mashed reversals with your best combo.

Grabs will beat pokes if they startup before the startup of the poke and reach the poke’s hurt box. Grabs have a startup of 3 frames, so as long as you don’t leave a gap in your block string that is 3 frames or larger, than your opponent wouldn’t be able to mash throw and would eat a counterhit instead, AKA a frame trap.

Turtling is a viable strategy that works well only if the player has a good knowledge of the timing and range of their pokes, anti-airs, and projectiles to not just keep the other character out but to also hold their own ground as to not walk themself into the corner.

There’s a 3 frame window to tech grabs, and command throws have a ton of whiff recovery making them easy to bait and punish with neutral jumps and back dashes.

But really, the best thing for any new player to do once they have a good grasp on how to play fighting games is to stop playing against random mindless players in ranked altogether. Find decent players that are looking to get better in the online matchmaking subforums and add them to your friend’s list, or better yet find a local offline scene in your area.

There’s not much else you can do when most new players in the SF4 generation learn how to mash reversals and crouch tech before they learn how to properly block, developing bad habits thanks to the lenient inputs, lenient input windows, low block stun on normals, and mediocre netcode with the US’s mediocre internet infrastructure.