Mashing DP during block strings?


I have a habit of mashing certain reversals, namely DP during Block strings if I know the opponent is being super aggressive. I usually hover around Ultra Silver/Gold and it actually works pretty well but I assume that at higher ranks this will be more of an issue. I’ve noticed that top Ryu players like Daigo and Tokido never mash the stick and you can’t really hear it ever but they are still able to DP out of nowhere. Is mashing ever valid or should I completely drop it? With the exception of light attacks of course.


Mashing is almost never the right answer. Mashing implies you press buttons/specials without taking the situation into account. There are often safer and more reliable options if you simply assess the situation.
If you press a button or do a special it should be done with a reason, not mindlessly.

Tokido and Daigo know don’t mash their dp’s they recognize the patterns and can anticiapte what is coming. depending on how the offense was started, what range they are standing, how much meter opponent has, how low on life they are, how high their stun bar is etc etc. Based on these things you can make an educated guess, other things you can simply react to stuff.

Point is, if you are mashing, you are not thinking. If you press buttons with clear intention, you are also actively analazying your opponent which helps when trying to understand what type of player you are fighting against and what their patterns are, how they will react in certain situations. This game can punish players really fucking hard tat like to simply mash buttons and specials.


I guess I know the answer to this. I think I’m just lazy. I will be practicing with absolutely no mashing for the next few months. Welp, back to practice mode for me.


Daigo and tokkido know the frame advantage of the moves you are using; so if you use a string of moves with a frame gap in them, they know that they can DP through them. For instance, many players like doing Ryu’s into c.lp, because it combos on hit. But there is a 4 frame gap in that frame trap, so any DP with a 4 frame startup or less can blow through that trap with no worries.


Even if there was a 1-frame gap between the moves, as long as you can get an invincible move out like DP it’ll blow through their frametrap.


Interesting. Learning the frame data is a pain in the ass.


It isn’t that bad. Play the game. You can actually learn frame data simply by walking back on block stun. When you start walking is when you recover, and you can study frame data this way. Pay attention to who is able too move first, uou or your opponent. But you have to collect lots of data for this if you fight noobs, because they won’t always know when even themselves have recovered.

Also, instead of mashing dp try buffering it during strings. Know when the shoryu will beat certain attacks, buffer, then hit PAUNCHHH on reaction to the move it can beat


Not all DP’s have full invincible startup. If I’m playing as Guile and don’t have any meter stocked up, then I have 4 frames of startup before Flash Kick is invincible. But yes, over all, you are correct. With a completely 100% invincible DP, all you need is a 1 frame gap to DP through a block string.


I dislike you.




I have a tip, don’t do it offline. It won’t work, unless you’re mentally wrecking the person by mashing then stop at the last second so they think a DP is gonna come out and you wake up throw :expressionless:

Even that doesn’t really work…

Real talk though you should drop the habit, if a decent player catches on you’ll end up mashing into a blocked DP and a full crush counter combo because they will just end their block string early.

You can DP through a frame trap but that requires knowing that they’re using a frame trap first. But you wouldn;t have to mash, you would just know where the trap is, like cr.jab, st.strong with ryu, you could DP in between those normals, but if they catch on they will just not hit the st.strong, this will be the case if you mash and you will get blocked DP’s a lot more often.

Then again sometimes it pays to mash online on the hopes they’ll drop a combo and maybe there’ll be a bit of lag, though I personally wouldn’t play those kind of people.

EDIT: Have just realise all of that information was explained better above, oh well.


I agree. Around Gold/Super Gold, people will wait and frame trap you after a block string. I’ve decided that I would rather throw a normal out and confirm unless I just make a good read which still happens. I think it’s really all about the mix-up/read game. DPs are so high priority/high punish, you have to be careful. Against skilled players, too much DPs will surely make you lose. Despite all the anti-hype, I’m stoked to try Ibuki out for some good mix-up gameplay!


Yes, the crush counter system is a good balance for DP’s. With a DP, you get something like 150 damage or so, with a CC combo you can easily exceed 300 and even half health if you have 3 bars for a super cancel. So the trade of isn’t in your favor to mash out DP’s all the time. Eventually your opponent will start baiting them and you will suffer greatly for it.

I’m with you on Ibuki. I want to see how a character that can combo off of their overhead without VT will work out in this game. I can see a lot of salt as a result of that.


The best part of characters like Ibuki that are hard to deal with in terms of timing, vortex(even though she doesn’t really vortex now, I guess) , ect, is how pissed salty players get. I never, ever get mad while playing video games so it’s just funny to me to play an obnoxious character, haha. Don’t give af, bruh.


Believe me I know. I sub Guile and the amount of salt he generates is just unreal. People just want to be able to auto-pilot their offense, and when Guile forces you to play really smart to open him up, people don’t want to deal with that. So they leave and blame “turtling” or whatever. It’s so funny though, I’ll get people straight up disconnecting on me on the loading screen when they see Guile.


Dude, I love playing against Guile. His music is fuckin’ dope.