Mashing in MVC2 question

So I know the advantages of mashing supers and mashing to get out of moves such as Magneto’s tempest.

But I have a question on two characters’ moves.

The first is how the hell do you get all those damn hits out of Tron Boone’s drill? I’ve seen it hits for tons of damage in matches and combo vids, but I can’t seem to match that. Do you need to wiggle the joystick as well or just spaz the buttons?

The second is how the hell do you get Juggernaut’s eight-hit Headcrush? I’ve tried mashing, but can never even get close. I’ve seen guys just tap the buttons, but what is the correct method?

Any help is much appreciated.

Mash the buttons and wiggle the stick…


It’s a well-proven fact that you can destroy anyone in Marvel by just taking an open palm and smacking the 6 buttons while rotating the stick.

MvC2 board?

I used to mash *without *moving the stick, and I sucked. Then I discovered commands (oooh!), and my mashing magically transformed into technique (in MvC2, that is)…



The man asks two simple questions and everybody attacks him…

MikeZ is probably the best drill masher I’ve seen - I think he does quick repeated taps AKA manual super turbo pressing. I mash with my fingers (swiping across the buttons), which means I’m about 5% likely to end up accidentally supering if the joystick doesn’t spring back exactly to neutral.

So: it’s best to learn to tap like a madman. People around here like to mash jab and short only through repeated presses. It’s not too hard.

Using a pad with turbo, you can mash ALL the hits out of moves. That’s not tournament legal though, but it shows you how far you can go.

Net net: practice.

Yes, the mikez way is probably the best, he told me he learned how to vibrate his finger by playing Caveman Olympics when he was a kid.

iirc the dino stuff was the one that required tremendous button pressing speed.

another iirc, tron’s hk-drill does 31 (alone) on ppad.

I used to practice dj scratching before I picked up marvel and alot of those rapid fader techniques helped my marvel mashing.

Damn, I miss my 05 samurai mixer. Still can’t believe I sold that bad boy. The fader on it was butta.

How are you still here?

yo caveman olympics is one of my all time fav games!

Everyone asks that question but no one knows the answer.

I’m just trying to get my neg back :frowning:

Seriously, I get negged for helping a guy out in the Pokemon thread and I’m still waiting on a neg for calling MvC2 a masher.

The way I got my max neg in the first place was with Marvel hate!

Oh, and Roll>Cable.

Thanks, I’ll work on my Tron Boone mashing.

But I’m still clueless for the eight-hit headcrush.

If I remember correctly, for Tron’s drill, you only need to mash on the one (kick) button that you did the drill with. As for Juggernaut’s Headcrush, you only need to mash on both punches (no stick, no kicks). It’s much easier to get the full 8 hits if you are doing it from full screen (or with them off of the ground so that the first 4 hits come out slower than normal).

Thanks for the Juggs advice.

I will try just punches for Juggernaut’s headcrush. And you’re right, the majority of matches I’ve seen include Juggs catching Psylocke when she jumps and throws her projectile and the eight-hitter just seems to happen naturally.

well since this topic is already made I was curious about somthing, Most people I know mash by scrubbing the buttons back and forth with their palm. I never did this because logically you are getting very few inputs…I put my hand over all the buttons and kinda vibrate it pressing all six inputs at a time rapidly.

friends tell me my supers are not doing as much damage as they should so i guess my theory of that being a better way of mashing is untrue…so how does the mashing work? isit best to do the wiping motion in question?

I mash with all six buttons using my five fingers. I don’t think you can get that many more hits with a super such as Sentinel’s Hyper Sentinel Force or Zangief’s (good luck trying to land that).

But trust me, I’ve seen the difference in hits with Storm’s Hailstorm and Cable’s AHVB. It could be the difference between killing an assist and sealing a match or your opponent turtling just enough to make the comeback.