Mashing jab! I can't get around it!

So my friend (everyone keep in mind that my friends and I are noobs) solely uses charge characters.

Bison, Honda, Blanka, Vega, Balrog…

When he uses 'em, he obviously does their charge moves (go figure), but if I block or he whiffs, I make an attempt at retaliation. The only problem is he’s constantly mashing cr.j when he’s in between throwing out his charge moves. It’s giving me a lot of trouble and, ever since he started doing it, giving him a pretty good advantage over me.

Basically, his jabs are nullifying any attempts for me to get back at him. The only semi-consistent thing that works for me is to somehow jab or lk him back and hope mine comes out a little bit quicker. So, for anyone who’s encountered something like this, what are some tactics that might work against this shit?

who do you use? maybe i can help.

Good reactions and dragonpunches will work.
Staying out of situations that kill you is better though. Keep looking, there is a way out.

Actually, learn Cammy and his patterns also. When you know he’s gonna throw out a fireball/sonicboom and you are free to do what you want, spiral arrow that shit down from far, and cannon spike up close. Blanka can df+P. Athena can stay out of range and crouchin fierce.
Also, don’t forget that punishing a single sonic boom with a super is gonna make him think twice.

I consider my strong cast to be Kyo, Ryu, and Ken. I also like/am trying to use Haoh, Rock, Rolento, Iori, Cammy, Sakura and Balrog…

But if I had to pick a main three, it’d be Kyo, Ryu and Cammy.

kyo/cammy will beat most c.jabs or s.jabs at a range just outside the jab.

you didnt say he was rcing the charge moves, so shoot fireballs at him and try and get him to jump and anti air him. but shoot smart fireballs, dont just spam. like shoot a fireball, sometimes people will just block it and then jump without actually looking for another fireball to jump over. throw them at different speeds to throw him off. its kinda hard vs vega cause he jumps fast, but its very doable

All these characters have dps, so just reversal dp his jabs until he stops, then throw if he catches on and waits for you to whiff the dp.

if hes spamming jabs with blanka it shouldnt be a problem

try jumping in on blanka… u will hit him.
agaisnt bison wait til he does pschy crusher
when you block it you can hit him b4 the move finishes.
only if he does hp one I think… so block it and keep mashing hp or hk and it will hit.
trymaking him come to you youkno?

Just give up . . .

Sounds like your friend who’s “mashing” jab as you put it, is uber-1337sk337. Just sit back, enjoy the jabbing, and let the wookie win. That’s my advice. But who am I to advise, really?