Mashing Jab: Scrub or skill

So i got a chance to play someone in SSFIV in person (first time ever since i decided to try to get good at any fighting game). We had some pretty good matches. I ended up losing a few at first but then i started getting frustrated. So i started just mashing out jabs like crazy. Lo and behold it actually worked. I interrupted combos and stopped moves by simply mashing jab. Then i won a few using this tactic as defense. The guy says then half-jokingly “Aww why you gotta use them scrub tactics?”

Thinking about it i dont remember that when watching the “pros” playing at tourneys, if i saw a jab masher.

So my question is this, is jabbing really a scrub tactic? Mashing it “just in case” people screw up a link or attempt a grab. And im not talking carefully planned jabs im talking mashing. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesnt. Should i not teach myself this method and learn how to counter properly? Or is this a good last resort?

No, but falling for it every time is scrubby. There are lots of ways to beat it.

eg. Neutral jump attack, meaty aerial with lk/lp into throw, frame traps, poke into projectile outside jab range etc.

Play how you want, if your opponent doesn’t know how to counter it it’s their problem. Just remember that there’s a reason the pros don’t jab spam/dp spam, it’s because it doesn’t work if your opponent does a true block string.

Yeah thats what i was wondering, when i catch on to people mashing i do some of those. But if the tactic works i guess its ok to use? Why is it i dont see too many pros using it.

Or don’t read my post.

Have a Rufus player do a string like divekick, lk lk HP-> Galactic tornado. Then have Balrog spam jab during it, see what happens.

Same reason you don’t see them mashing out random tatsu, SRK, lariat etc. Once someone actually catches on that you’re mashing jab like a newb, unless lag screws with things you’re begging to get punished for it.

Unless you’re rog, then you get a free ultra for doing it.

That’s why it’s a scrub move. Like all other scrub moves, it works until someone figures out that’s all you have.

The only reason why it works so well because it’s something inherent in SFIV’s game engine. Blockstrings have varying degrees of success past jab jab. So, anything past those moves are “unsafe” usually. So, mashing in general is such a good/valid tactic. However, more so srk/exmessiah, basically reversals that you can make safe with proper meter usage.

Mashing is bad because it shows you aren’t putting any thought into actually beating someones tactic. If you’re only recourse in a fight against someone is to keep pressing a button, and hoping that it works then you have a very flawed way of playing the game. Plus, there isn’t any strategy in that, and you won’t grow as a player because you won’t learn how to deal with characters options if in every bad situation you’re put in. Resorting to this tactic that won’t get you anywhere in the long run as a player because you won’t know how to properly deal with varying situations you’re put in.

I mean in the end though you see pros mashing out EX messiah kick…because it just works sadly…

You should answer with your own question “why you falling for such scrubby tactics?”

Not really scrubby, since it works so well, nor is it skillful since anybody can do it.

It’s just a part of SF 4.

Do you play balrog? Mash on.

For example, mashing SRK through someone’s combos is a good tactic against someone who you know isn’t very sharp at linking, or doesn’t know how to punish you for fishing. In past games, techniques like this were not viable.

Just because “scrubs” do something doesn’t ALWAYS mean that it isn’t ideal, although obviously the majority of scrub tactics are, otherwise they wouldn’t be a scrub.

It works!

Spamming jab or short works. This is in no way a game breaker. If the tactic works, who cares what others say. I main Fei and I spam jab to hit confirm into rekkas. Scrubs will complain about poor execution, or cheap tactics, but in the end, if you want the win, you do whatever works. Spamming lariat, srk, tiger, ball, whatever.

When we do it, it’s fine. But when someone else does it against us, we start whining about it. At least that’s how i see it :confused:

we’re a bunch of hypocrites in that case.

The reason why you don’t see pros mashing Jab because it’s a bad habit to get into. If your mashing jab your not blocking and if your not blocking your vunerable to a counter attack. But you have to ask yourself this question, if your falling for scrubby attacks then what does that make you? Anything goes in these fighting games but a good (Intelligent) player will out think their opponent and overcome any tactics. Sometimes it may come down to Knock down, bait DP, counter/knockdown, repeat, All through out the match till they get the picture. It just depends on your opponent.

Your friend teased at you about using scrubby tactics but if he is falling for it then thats his fault. It’s just as much of a burden on your opponent to adjust his tactics as it is on you. If he can’t adjust then why should you? If I can get away with ten throws in a row, and win why should I change? Give me a reason to change and if you learn from your mistakes I will adjust. Thats how it works.

So the next time someone says your using scrubby tactics, ignore them or tell them “give me a reason to play like a pro.” Because all is fair in these games.

Here’s how I see it.

  1. You were frustrated and tried a tactic you felt could help you out (mashing jabs)
  2. It worked so you stole a few games in this instance
  3. By mashing jab you stopped paying attention to what he was throwing at you and how you could beat it
  4. If a jab hit, you probably had time for a throw as an alternative/mixup
  5. Your opponent did not adapt to your jab mashing
  6. If he was trying to do block strings or frame traps he failed

So in the short term you found out his weakness (sloppy block strings/combos) and exploited it with a very simple tactic (mash jab). Nothing wrong with that. However, in the long term it’s a better idea to try and pinpoint the holes in the strings or combos and exploit them more precisely. Playing just to win now, not a bad move. Trying to learn for future games, there were better things you could have done. All depends on the exact circumstances of the match.

really good Proof

I guess if it works, you can keep doing it to find out its “strengths and weaknesses” but at higher level play, it’ll get you killed. This is similar to crouch teching except you’re more likely to get counterhit and you don’t have protection from throws. Learn how to OS crouch tech if you’re going to do what you do.

The reason it doesn’t work so much at low levels is because scrubby shotos like to just throw random dragon punches out. Thus, if you jab, you’ll likely eat a random dragon punch. At high level play, this doesn’t work because you’ll get frame trapped all day for BIG damage.

If it works at your level, go for it, but just know that it isn’t fool-proof by any means.

So there you go. Actual reasons why the awesome tactic of mashing jab is, in fact, a really terrible idea.

Yep. That’s how it works. Waiting for everyone else to force you to improve. That’s why you still see Daigo doing 10 throws in a row, mashing jab, etc.

You really need to get off the “i’ll do it until it doesn’t work anymore!”, because all it is, is yet another way for you to delusionally believe that it’s a valid tactic with some actual thought behind it. It isn’t. If you suck, it’s not anyone else’s job to force you to not be a scrub.

Matter of fact, for all the scrubs reading this? Yeah. You’re playing a competitive game and going “BUT… BUT Y SHUD I DO ANYTHING TO MAKE MYSELF BETTAR THAN MY EMENY?”. Gee, guy, i don’t know. You sure fighting games are for you? Maybe you should go back to WoW, where skill is literally just a number to grind up.

LOL. Because doesn’t that just happen all the time? I know whenever i see someone mashing jab, wakeup SRKing, random ultraing, and doing constant sloppy jumpins with Ryu’s retarded hitbox, i tend to think “Yeah, i’m responsible for him not playing like a pro”.

Scrub tipoff: you know someone’s a scrub if they’re trying to pin playing like a moron on everyone else. Maybe you should play a few offline matches there, “pro”.


Caim in with the scrub rage

Um, what? Daigo mashes SRK through blockstrings, the ultimate scrub tactic. He does this because if someone is bad at linking, it works, and will help him win the match. He has nothing to prove.

If you are in a tournament there is nothing to prove but winning. You should do whatever it takes to win the match. If you are playing your little brother, play with Honor.