Mashing out of dizzy question

does anyone know what the cvs2 game is looking for technically to mash out of dizzy/stun, like what points with the stick or how many button mashes etc.

I think JChen’s guide on GameFAQs goes over this. You should read that. Its good. And yes, mashing buttons shortens the time a little.

ya i read it, but it did not give any more detail on it besides oh is u mash it will shorten stun time, i kinda wanted more detail than that

Well shoot…somewhere a read that 1 input = 1/60 of a second of stun reduced. At least I think. Maybe it was 1/600. Its probably in the Official Guide book.

I don’t suppose you already searched the forums?

Mash the joystick. 360’s, back and forth, whatever.
I don’t think button mashing reduces dizzy length.

Is the stun time related to stun meter? Shin Akuma or Ult Rugal get dizzy, but suddenly they are at attention. Technically that makes it possible to do it for real right?

No. Shin Akuma and Shin Rugal do not get dizzy. They only ‘appear’ dizzy as long as they are invincible. As soon as they can be hit, they are no longer dizzy. It’s a ploy to get you to attack and then die.

edit: cpu only.

You can still get a free combo on them, it’s just that you have to be hitting them as they get up (i.e. meaty).

And mashing buttons DOES help along with wiggling the stick like an idiot.

a better question is what’s the fastest that you can possibly mash out of being dizzy? like if I get dizzy and mash I’m still dizzy for like 3 full seconds after I get up, rather than the 5 or whatever seconds it is if you don’t press anything, so it’s useless. whenever I get dizzy I don’t even bother to mash

This is from Buktooths FAQ on GameFAQs, I take no credit for anything otehr then me giving credit^^


(added 12/20/03)

As most people already know, most characters get dizzy for different amounts of
time. What people might NOT know, is that every time somebody gets dizzy
there’s a base “dizzy time” that is completely randomized.

Every time a character gets dizzy the base dizzy time is a randomized number
that is either 2, 3, or 5 seconds. Of course, mashing reduces time from the
base dizzy time. Pressing a button removes 1/60th of a second (1 frame) from
the base time, while hitting a direction on the joystick removes 2 frames from
the base time.

Lastly, many characters in the game have a built-in modifier that
adds/subtracts time from the base dizzy time. Here’s a a list of modifiers and
the characters that have them:

-60/60 secs: Dhalsim, Dan, Geese
-30/60 secs: Zangief, Joe, Chang
-0/60 secs: Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Guile, E.Honda, Blanka, Sagat, Sakura, Cammy,
Eagle, Maki, Rolento, Akuma, Kyo, Terry, Mai, Yamazaki, Raiden,
Rugal, Vice, Yuri, Todo, Athena, Rock, Haohmaru, Hibiki
+30/60 secs: Balrog, Kyosuke, Yun, King
+60/60 secs: Vega, M.Bison, Morrigan, Evil Ryu, Shin Akuma, Iori, Ryo, Kim,
Benimaru, Nakoruru, Orochi Iori, God Rugal

I think we’ve all seen this happen: You get Geese dizzy, you jump in for a free
combo, and he’s out of dizzy before you even hit the apex of your jump. What
happened is Geese must have got the 2 second base dizzy time, which gets a full
second reduced from it because of Geese’s -60/60 sec modifier… making the
base dizzy time a single measly second. Add in some furious mashing, Geese gets
out of dizzy like right after he gets up.

Gah. I knew it was on GameFAQs. T_T

ok the - modifier takes off dizzy time so the + adds if u mash im not clear on the modifier part

The simple answer is that each CvS2 runs at 60 frames a second.

Everytime you hit a button you remove one frame of dizziness (1/60th of a second of dizziness) and everytime you move the joystick in a direction you removed 2 frames of dizziness (2/60th of a second, the game runs at 60 frames a sec).