Mashing out of magnetos hypergraph tempest?


could someone provide some pointers on how to do this? thank you very much :slight_smile:


Um. Mash?


I think you have to do it when Magneto says “magnetic tempest”. One friend of mine said that you had to press certain buttons in a certain order, but memorization is hard to focus on when you’re having to worry about surviving the match.


Focus on shaking the stick more than mashing the buttons.


shake the stick(violently) and mash buttuns(like mashing a super) right as you get hit by the hypergrab. mashing to early will get you exhausted and you will miss the mash.

just takes practice really


As soon as the hypergraph hits you, shake the stick from bottom left to top left so you’ll still be blocking when you come out, and swipe your hands over the buttons left once and right once.

At least thats the technique around here.


The thing to know, is that if you don’t get the timing right, you’ll be stuck in it unless you have ridiculous mashing capability. And yes, the quick couple of swipes across the buttons is good. THink of it like trying to polish the top of your stick. Only you have to do it really quickly and at a certain time. I still don’t know the timing very well. I think it’s right as they cancel into tempest, but once the avatar is off the screen it’s too late.


shake the stick from left to right as fast as u can and slide ur hands across the buttons that way when u see u shake out u can just hold back and no special moves accidently come out


The timing is also character dependant i think, i find i have an easier time mashing out with Blackheart(who is i guess “heavier”), as in it takes less swipes across the buttons, versus say megaman, who i can rarely get out of it with


thanx for the replies guys :slight_smile:


the easiest way to up your chances of getting out of hypergrav xx tempest… anticipate the fact that it is coming… i.e. if your opponent starts the combo with magic series instead of rh xx dash df … 9/10 times he will be going for hypergrav xx tempest. once you realize what is coming, even before the hypergrav… start wiggling the stick from forward to back, then the moment you see the hypergrav coming out, 3 swipes across the buttons will pop you out of that shit like a fetus being brought into the light.

btw… there was an article written on this that was actually on the srk front page circa 2001-ish … good luck finding it though.


wiggling is more important than the mashing


so far none of these tips have helped much. it seems to be very easy for top players to escape this and i don’t see them getting animated in the process. i’m also surprised that nobody has made a video on how to do this as well.



i always mash out of it just in time to still get hit by the rocks.


Those things are rocks? LOL
anyways look at this

[media=youtube]3YHElZ3qR7I[/media] 0:27