Mashing out of the hyper grab xx tempest

ok i have seen too many ppl mash out of the the hyper grab instantly but i can’t figure out how they do it can someone let me know something. I’ve nothing that they do a circular motion i think with buttons can someone elaborate

Move the stick directly from left to right (or whichever opposite directions you’re comfortable with) as fast as you can, and mash the buttons.

I just sweep my fingers left to right across the buttons. Start mashing as soon as the screen starts to move from the super freeze and don’t mash too long or you’ll get hit by the rocks because you’re not blocking.

When you mash out, just make sure to sweep over the buttons 5 times and it prevents overmashing. Obviously you hafta get 5 sweeps before the tempest starts to hit. Extremely easy to do once you practice, good luck

Mash as soon as the hypergrav connects. simple as that. it pretty much coincides with when the screen freezes for the tempest, but not necessarily (I think you can mash earlier if for instance, you get caught in a full screen hypergrav xx tempest)

it should takes about 2 wiggles (left right left right) while brushing across the buttons for the same amount of time, then immediately hold back. If you have convex buttons, use the bottom of your fist (right edge of your right hand) to quickly brush across the buttons in an alternating fashion (lp+lk, hp+hk, lp+lk, hp+hk, etc).

this is why the hardest hypergravs to mash out of are the ones that are at the top of the screen, even for advanced players… because you can’t see the hypergrav and you have to guess when it’s hitting you.

once you get this down, you will be able to mash out of hypergrav even if you are sentinel in the corner… just don’t get nervous and don’t mash early and block right away and it becomes a POC = Piece Of Cake.

Can anyone mash out of the hyper grav and block an incomming dhc hail storm?