What buttons helps mashing? Does both partner buttons help or is it only the kick and punch buttons? Does it help moving the stick?
Would like a short answer :slight_smile:

Pat <3

it’s a combination of moving the sticks and the buttons.

i remember an articale about how mashing is read quicker if you move the stick first then the buttons.

Assists don’t count, just kicks and punches. Try not to hit buttons at the same time either. Really would like to see a fool proof method to mashing out while in the corner with sent, damn that shit is annoying.

I justed to mash all 6 buttons, until one day I accidentally did DHC in the middle of 1 of my supers and it screwd me over. Now I usually just mash the punch buttons by pressing them really fast.

I just mash the buttons, as moving the stick around a lot will lead to stuff like an accidental DHC which can screw things up.

Is it even possible to mash out of HG with just the buttons? As far as the stick goes, just be careful and mash from left to right.

U must enfatise the mash in the stick, bu need to make both fast… traing with a friend, ask for he to make you capture xx tempest all the time in training, then try to escape…

U will figure out how to do it, then master it… then never ever will be caught by capture xx tempest XD( just kidding u.u’… or not o.o)

i’ve seen players mash the fuck HG tempest and get out. I’ve also seen players slowly swipe there hands over the buttons twice and a little jiggle on the stick to get out. I think the mash itself is a combination of the stick and buttons. Other mashes like cables grenade or thanos bubble are all stick action.

Marvel can only take so many inputs a second. There is a mash speed where mashing too fast does nothing any more. Actually, you start to skip inputs which is making the damage scale less. Usually a nice smooth steady mash on the buttons gets the most inputs to the game.

you just have to stick with whats comfortable for you and be able to execute it properly.

side note: i’ve mashed out of hg, tempest, dhc hail twice and both times I did that shit hella fast. Anyone ever done it slow and been able to get out of it?

Mashing with me includes all 6 buttons and moving the joystick left and right

Hmm… idk if this is called a fast mash… but

this what i usually practice…

wait till you see the animation for HG,(Player 1 side)
i hold forward(to the right) ->i start when magneto says “tempest”
-joystick to the left + button swipe to the right,
-joystick to the right + button swipe to the left
-then joystick to the left (hold, for you to block) and button swipe to the right…

in short, just about three (3) motions. the moment you stop, you’ll see you character out. i can do this for like 9/10 times…

i hope this somehow helps…

when i mash hailstorm or AHVB i tend to make a circular motion over the keys. i dont go back and forth criss cross just a circle

quick questions, linghting storm is not mashable for extra damage right, i keep seeing this guy do it at my arcade and i laugh but id ont want to tell him its not mashable untill im 100% sure , i only have my personal experience in trianing mode to conclude that u get no extra damage for mashing lightning storm

How do people mash during an AHVB? When I watch vidoes I see their AHVB going up and down like crazy, but the character getting hit always remain in the same spot, while when I mash like crazy during an AHVB the other character goes up and out of the AHVB.

i dont know why they do that, i always thought it was best to hold down during the first one so they stay at a nice height so u can combo into the 2nd and 3rd times.

if they only have one metter then i guess they can go crazy. they move the joystick up and down to control the Arc. and they press the buttons to control the wavelength of the arc

yea u mash buttons and hold down on the first ahvb, then second one you wiggle up and down while button mash, than on last on hold up while mashin buttons.

for ahvb its just punches only

as for tempest i always just do forward, back, swipe buttons from left side to right side

thats a secret.

when you mash AHVB right, it does more life. So if all you had was 2 bars, you better go to town on the mashing part to make it count.

If you mash only the buttons during AHVB (only the two punches count, btw, so save your energy), they’ll move, but if you mash the buttons and move the joystick up and down, they’ll remain stationary.

It goes without saying that moving the joystick without mashing the buttons is pointless.