Mask-less vega does more damage

So, hmm… I dunno how well known this is, but I was fucking around in training mode and found out that Vega’s normals get 10% stronger when you throw your mask off, and his Ultra does 495 damage instead of the regular 450.
Did I find something new ?

People have known about this for a while, he loses a lot of health though.

Damn, I got all excited thinking this was something new. =(
I didn’t find anything about this in the first 2 pages of this forum though, how long people have known this ?

You didn’t actually think people would burn 2 ex meter just to see his sexy face, did ya?

Yes I did, Japanese people are wack. =D

it’s been known since the game came out in the arcade. People tested it when they first saw that u can throw his claw and mask off. I think the mask-less vega only gets more dmg on the NEXT attack.

Not really, he gets a boost on all of his moves, even during combos.

I don’t think training mode shows damage scaling or the actual mask/claw properties. Try it in versus mode and look at the health differences between the same attack (multiple times) with and without the mask.

Yes it does actually.

It does show the damage scaling if you turn the Attack Data thing on.

On this note, is there any advantage to throwing the claw away?

Throwing the claw and getting it back reset the “claw damage”, so if you feel that the claw is close to the moment it will fall because you blocked a lot or were hit a couple of times, you can reset yourself.

Besides, you can taunt your opponent with hphk…
…but throwing the claw out IS the best taunt, it usually get’s people mad and into the offensive :smiley:

style points, baby!

I dunno. I always thought throwing the mask and claw were the worst additions to his moves list. I hate when I’m in the middle of a combo and I somehow I wind up doing the input for throwing the claw away. And now I’m freakin wide open.


This has happened too me too many times… God damn shortcuts…

I don’t even know what the input for it is. I never bothered to remember it, but I wind up doing it anyway.

It’s simply the shoryuken motion. I tend to do it accidentally when my opponent crosses me up, since I’ll be wiggling the analog stick in the down-back direction and go to punch them when they cross over but throw my claw instead.

But otherwise I mostly just toss my mask to mock my opponent. I find even saving EX for his super is more worthwhile than the damage increase, especially since his defense takes a hit.

Having the mask on and claw off only boosts attacks done with the claw.

Kicks do the same amount of damage.