Mass Effect 3 CE Pre-order

Anyone know anywhere that I can still pre order the CE ? I’ve been looking forever this whole week haven’t found one single copy online :confused:

Yup, add me on XBL: Slowly Running. Then delete this thread before you get flamed.

Because it sold out. EA really makes the CEs of the Mass Effect series limited. If you didn’t pre-order like last year then you kind of missed the boat.

I mean but really what was so hard about preordering? At most you’ll put down a $5 deposit (gamestop) and then you just wait. If you don’t want it, you just go get your money back and move on. I mean I pre-ordered on Amazon back in July and it cost me nothing.

Your basically SOL but if you go to places like best buy or walmart they might have some copies on launch day.

I’m low on cash and well I don’t pre order a game if I’m not gonna have money when It releases so that’s why I waited until I got enough but my brother needed money so I let him borrow what I had but now over this past month been telling him to lt me pre order the game with his credit card and well he’s barely home so thats why Im in this situation i’m literally stressing over it I hate not CE of games

I almost approve of this assholery. He actually sent me a message when I was in the middle of a game. I thought it was just some random.

Seriously message me on XBL: Slowly Running, and I’ll get you my other online pre-order.

Mods have been slow lately. LLP that is very very sweet of you to do.