Mass Effect 3-The Worst ending in gaming


Its audio of the ending, listen to all of it till the end.

Written by M. Night Shaymalan

All of my hate

i didn’t expect much…dammit though…

???possible spoilers???

meh, i don’t see what’s wrong. It’s not the same as the “it was all a dream” twist where it’s implied that none of it really happened.

I’m not going to listen to it, I’ll pass it myself, but I can say with 100% confidence that Dragon Age 2 has the worst ending in gaming history, bar none.

Mass Effect=Bedtime Story

Well…I mean Bioware did say the game has multiple endings…I just hope that its not the good ending and its just the regular ending.

Ok if this is real I could not be happier about not getting it on Tuesday

Seems fake; the voice-over doesn’t seem to match the footage being played. I certainly hope it’s fake.

I don’t really care all that much because I didn’t play the second game, but that ending would really suck for fans of the franchise.

It’s real. It’s aaaaaaaaaaall real. And it fucking blows.

what the fuck is this

So i think the funniest (or most frightening) thing about this ending is


Forgetting all the violence, did gramps go into vivid detail about Shepard tapping dat alien booty to the kid?

Details about the multiple ending



destroy everything ending

grandpa telling a kid the story of mass effect, the final scene of the game.

meh, EA will sell the True Ending as a $15 DLC anyway. Make back some of that gamestop money after everyone trades in the game after a month.

No, we have a Mass Effect 3 thread on page 1. Use it. also don’t spoil fucking anything, use spoiler tags or I will end you.