*MASS* How do people feel about weeklys ala 8 on the break?

I kicked this idea around with a few people in the know , and they suggested posting it here, so um yeah?

I’m looking at running the most popular titles with a stream to help get the New England rep up here:


Nothing? Come on New England we’re better than this . . .

What do you mean, like a weekly tournament series?

Well, for SF, its hard enough to get people together for a gathering. im all for weeklys provided its on a good day, but i think maybe sans 3 or 4 people, no one has the drive to do well for whatever reason.

Ya for like any game at GU you will have like 6-7 people. And for them all to wanna throw in 10 bux for tourney I think it would be less. U can try and I’ll show up but I dunno how many other people would come

and fuk u craig
where r the stevens sessions at?!

Bi weekly tournaments during the week would be swell. I would throw 10 bucks in the pot. What days were you thinking? Wednesdays and Thursdays?

you know where there at. wheres been my phone call u fuckin bum

I’d be in, sounds good.

Thanks for the replies!

Well that’s part of why I wanted the discussion to get going, is to try to figure what would be the best day/time weekly/bi-weekly so forth. I wanna make it work so I can be flexible.

SF4 pretty much is " everybody’s game" but I know that a good amount of us have side titles, but from what I gathered from the previous two tournaments KOF did not seem as popular as I had hoped. I’m not sure about SC5 yet but I’m guessing it’s doing well.

In any case I have a capacity of running 11 stations on my own atm (10 Xboxes/ 2 PS3’s and 11 Asus monitors).

Someone suggested a method of 8-10 players to a set up for time constraints.

So I’ve pretty much built everything, just more feedback for them to come.

As for a day, I was thinking on the weekend, but if more people think during the week is better, like I said I can be flexible.