Mass Layoffs at PDP, Team AGE Shutdown

Accessory maker PDP (Performance Designed Products), sponsor of Team AGE (Afterglow Elite), conducted a mass layoff yesterday, gutting marketing, operations, product development, and other divisions. Several vice presidents and up to 30 other staff have been fired, a considerable reduction of the staff the company holds, indicating questionable corporate health. Sources suggest the struggling accessory maker will also shutter the AGE fighting team, liquidating a strong roster of players a day after the EVO championships. Word from internal sources suggest severely demoralized staff have long been burdened by an oppressive working environment and upper management incompetence. An official statement from the company has yet to be released, likely due to turmoil following the staff reduction. Long term viability of the ailing accessory maker is in question following this retreat from consumer outreach and participation in the FGC.

PDP hasn’t really done well making good products. The MK stick is one of the worst sticks you can buy and completely missed the mark trying to recreate the classic layout and ignoring modern ergonomics and japanese > american standards when entering the tournament stick market.

I bet your wrist are soft and dainty like an inbred heiress. If you wanna stick to Kawaii Desu Ne sticks then go ahead, the rest of the men will be playing on American sticks.

Chris G.'s loss at EVO brought down an entire business. Fuck.

Oh fuck:

Fanatiq Gamerson ‏@MrFanatiq 50m

I’m going home today as (blank) fanatiq feels kinda weird but I will press on.

Not that I’m doubting the news but, source?

Looks like triforce is gonna try for chris g again. maybe even fanatiq…0…1c.1.19.psy-ab.UiPfzjiqYeY&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.48705608,d.aWc&fp=8631b87acbe74975&biw=1920&bih=1073

Yeah, really…
Google can’t even find one.

Lay em on me.

Sebastian Jennings ‏@OneHandedTerror 20m

It is with great sadness to tell you all that I am no longer the manager for Team AfterGlow Elite (AGE). I wish the team the very best

First Fanatiq, then one handed terror…soon people are gonna have to get jobs.

That’s just speculation based on one twitter post. I’ll wait for the articles from business sources.

Did the results at EVO really make or break the business?

Doubtful, but it seems this is more or less legit as things are surfacing.

I guess I’ll just wait for an article about it from here on out. Hope the AGE members can fund themselves for the future, especially Romance.

Guess they’ll have to be wearing that S(elf)S(ponsored) tag for the near future. :smiley:

Fanatiq will def get picked up by somebody.

EG Fanatiq? (taitos old av)


Chopchoponion wetarded.

Man I didn’t realize the whole business was restructuring.
BibleThump oh no! Our heroes! Now WTF does the FGC do? Wasn’t that like one of 6 legitimate teams? Aren’t the other ones more like clubs (without sponsorship?)
Why can’t we get the paper for our best players?

I vote that we ask Capcom to add an extra buck to the cost of the Ultra SF4 expansion and use that tourney purposes.

If only PDP actually made decent fighting game peripherals.

Instead, we got a common ground pad that is, surprisingly enough impossible to dual mod for some unknown reason. Then there’s the stick that they just outsourced to Qanba that had mediocre Qanba parts instead of legit Sanwa or Seimitsu ones that they sold for $150.