Massachusetts - Souper Bowl Monthly Tournament - 12/12/2010

Souper Bowl
1733 Middlesex Street
Lowell, MA, 01852

Random things came up, so a tournament in November wasn’t convenient for me. So we’re going to have this tournament the weekend after NEC! So anyone who doesn’t go to NEC should be hungry for some competition.

I’m considering doing singles at 2-3 instead of teams and having teams after. I personally like having the teams first since I feel like singles is more of a ‘main event’ deal. But I’ve noted people want to do singles and then get home since they aren’t interested in teams… so I’m more than liking starting teams at 2. Please be on time, don’t call me if your’e going to be late also, it’s really bothersome when I’m trying to do other things. TEXTS WILL DO FINE. (978-257-4608)

Doors open at 11
SSFIV Singles Registration at 1PM
Starts at 2PM

SSFIV Teams Registration at 4PM
Starts around 5PM

SSFIIT:HDR Singles Registration at 4PM
Starts at 5PM

  • $5 venue fee
  • $5 HDR singles fee
  • $10 singles fee
  • $10 2v2 fee ($5 a player)
  • Bring your own controller and/or stick (Then keep an eye on it!)

SSFII Turbo: HD Remix on XBOX

  • Matches are 2/3, 3/5 for Winners, Losers and Grand Finals
    -2/3 Rounds
  • Double Elim
  • Akuma/Gouki is banned

HDR Pot Distribution:
1st Prize: 70% of pot
2nd Prize: 20% of pot
3rd Prize: 10% of pot
(Under 8 entrants = winner takes all)

SSFIV Singles on XBOX

  • Matches are 2/3, 3/5 for Winners, Losers and Grand Finals
  • 2/3 rounds
  • Double Elimination

SSFIV Singles Pot Distribution:
1st Prize: 60% of pot
2nd Prize: 30% of pot
3rd Prize: 10% of pot
(Possible consolation prizes for 4th and 5th depending on sponsors)

SSFIV 2v2 Teams on XBOX

  • Waseda Style
  • Matches are 2/3 for Winners, Losers and Grand Finals
  • 2/3 rounds
  • Double Elimination

SSFIV Teams Pot Distribution:
1st Prize: 60% of pot
2nd Prize: 30% of pot
3rd Prize: 10% of pot
(For 5 dollars, if there aren’t enough teams, there is no 3rd place)

Waseda breakdown:
In a match, player 1 from Team A plays player 1 from Team B. Then player 2 from Team A plays player 2 from Team B. If one team wins both games, the match is over. If players from different teams win, then the winners of each of the previous two games play, and the winner of that game wins the match.

If you can bring a setup, you get the venue fee waived. If you can bring an XBOX please bring a CRT or lagless monitor, let me know! At the moment, I have two extra TVs, first come first serve!

  1. asiantom (3 TVs | 2 XBOX w/HDR&SSFIV)
  2. Peter Pham (1 TV)
  3. Jimca (Tom’s TV | 1 XBOX w/HDR&SSFIV)
  4. CP (1 TV | 1 XBOX w/HDR&SSFIV)
  5. Merkilo (Peter’s TV | XBOX)

Looking forward to it!

This time I’ll bring a xbox! I promise and I’ll stay the whole time.

I can bring an xbox but I don’t have a tv to bring

thanks, looks like we’re one tv short.

i have a tv i will bring but im not positive if it’s lagless. it’s a vizio flat screen. i play on it all the time with no problems though. want it?

Probably not. Either a CRT or an Asus monitor with VGA cables would be a better bet. The CRT being the better idea.

Anyways, if I can get the weekend off after NEC, I’ll try to if I can make it down.


When we going back to PS3?

I can bring an Xbox, and possibly a CRT TV, but only if I get a proper vehicle for transporting it.

Probably never. You just trollin’ or is it that big of a deal? :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone should bring a PS2 again and let’s try to get a side tournament up. GGAC or CvS2 would be fucking hyped. Also, Tom is the tonamento page up yet? I couldn’t find it.

What if you don’t got a stick for 360, but want to sign up for the tournament?

I’ll let ya borrow mine for your matches.

singles first would be really gdlk. either way im there for sure.

If i get the day off of work, we be in there!

what he said

lemme know if you actually do want the asus and/or console this time around.

I don’t want to inconvenience you with all that. I’m going to swipe Ryan’s xbox this time around, so if you could bring a copy of Super cool.


It’s not a big deal, although I do prefer PS3. My multi-console custom stick isn’t finished, so I just have a PS3 stick for the time being. More importantly, the timing is a bit different on that console, and so many tournaments (including every major that I’ve seen) are running SSFIV on PS3 that I am mostly used to that.

Tom take me off the list for bringing a system. My 360 has been acting up lately with freezing. I don’t want it to ruin anyone’s match.

In the area a lot of majors are run on ps3, but you’ll notice a lot of tournaments are switching to 360. I understand though, but hopefully a handful of casual matches will get you squared away. I play on 360 mainly but I don’t mind switching to ps3 during casuals or for tournaments :wink: