Massdrop For Custom Case


I’ve seen a few mass drops setup for full sticks, but I’m curious if there is any interest in trying to do a mass drop for some cases? I’m not entirely sure if any of these places can do mass orders, but I figured the first step is seeing if there is enough interest.


Just an FYI for those that don’t know what massdrop is. This isn’t for doing a completely custom case (although we will likely get some options about paint/art/etc). This is a vote to pick what already produced custom case we’d like to mass buy from various options around the net.

Panzer Fight Stick Case
Foehammer’s Stealth S7
Project GiantSword ROGUE Case

You’re also free to add another case to the list for consideration. Once we reach 200 votes then a rep from massdrop will contact our #1 pick to see about setting up a mass buy deal for a discounted amount.


I can’t say entirely for all those builders/sellers, but I know for a fact that Panzer cases and SimpleCases are a side-business run by members here (@“Jasen Hicks” and @NiteWalker respectively‌) who get it all done by themselves; ie, they’re a one-man-show. Foehammer is also a small operations with most (if not all) the work done by one man (I forget his username here, but I had the pleasure of meeting him in-person at EVO2013).

I’d be really surprised if any “mass buy” gave any sort of discount.


Those are all small operations, ether one “man” or small groups who are already cheating them selves on the cost of labor to keep prices low.
Almost everything is hand made, and take time to make.


Both of these points are vaguely addressed in my first post regarding not being sure if it’s possible. Still, the first step is to see if there is enough interest. Assuming there is interest there is still no obligation from the builder to do a mass build if they don’t feel they can do it.

The main point of massdrop from a consumer side is to get a good deal obviously. But it also shows a builder that there may be more interest in a product than they initially expected. It’s not uncommon path for a side project to be built into a full scale business.

Worst case, they get some additional exposure and maybe a some more business.


I am not getting what you are trying to accomplish then.

The prices of these custom cases are often as low as they can be without the builder/seller loosing out.
For some of these people what little profit they do make goes towards the next big project towards a new product.

FreedomGundam is right, you aren’t going to score a discount like this. Some of these custom case sellers, a huge order might be a burden.
Massdrop take advantage of big manufacturers who buy supplies in bulk and sell in bulk, and Masdrop cuts out the middleman to get the price lower.
There no real price cut from the manufacturers end, you just ended up making a bulk order to skill the middleman and get the product closer to whole sale price.

All these cases you have listed, most are hand made, taking many hours of labor.

Panzer Fight Stick Case
Foehammer’s Stealth S7
Project GiantSword ROGUE Case

Try to go to a regular professional carpenter for a custom wooden stick case, a simple (actual wood) wooden box could cost you more than a custom B15 stick.


It’s clear you don’t like the idea and you have every right to that opinion. I personally don’t see why trying this out is such an offense, as I said, the worst case is they get some extra exposure.

It’s entirely possible none of them have the resources or desire to do a mass build. It’s also possible that we can get a big enough lump sum together that they could outsource the manufacturing for a small run should they be interested in expanding their business. The fact that they are small now doesn’t exclude the possibility of growth.

My point is, I don’t know what the builders goals/motivations are. First and foremost I want to see if there is interest in a large purchase as massdrop makes it easy to determine this. If so, then we can consult with the builders and see if there is a way it can be done.


A lot of the mentioned builders are on this site, you should message them and see if it is even an option at all.


Its not that I like or do’t like the idea, that is irreverent. And what I take in offense is your inability to understand that these are not corporations you are dealing with, these are small businesses and hobbyists who you are trying to do business with. Most of these folks do not even build cases for a living, they do not make enough from just building stick cases to make a living.

Most of these people have actual jobs, and the stick case building is a side thing these people do on nights and weekends during there spare time.
I know Jasen Hicks (maker of the Panzer case) regular job is a nuclear engineer for the US Navy and often his stick case and super guns builds go on hold as the Navy comes first.

In fact very few people here make enough to make modding and building stick a reasonable living.

What you are asking is for these people, its not feasible for them. You think its all business, and its not they do it because the love what they do.


I personally think your idea of a bulk order has merit however some of the builders you selected might not be the correct ones for this to work.
Darksakul hit the nail on the head, the ones you mentioned are actually low volume because it is a hobby/sideline and they have a “daytime” job.

For a bulk order to make sense, there has to be profit in it for the company also, saving time and effort moving stock fast. When you have a line waiting for your products already, does this make much sense?


There are a few reasons I thought this route would be better:

  1. If you were contacted about this via a random forum PM or from a massdrop agent, which would you take more seriously?
  2. Putting up cases for users to vote on or suggest alternatives allows us to create a priority list of which cases we want to explore.
  3. Massdrop makes it easier to go this route vs spending my time trying to round up all the builders.


I’ve made it pretty clear I do understand that these are small business and hobbyists. I am not, however, trying to do business with them, I’m just a guy who thought this might make for a cool massdrop.

I don’t know what it is about this that you don’t like, but there is no harm to anyone here. The builders can simply say “no” if they don’t want to participate. I would hope they don’t take offense to lots of people wanting to buy their stuff?


Better candidate for a mass drop: empty Razer atrox cases. I read that Razer lost their ass designing that sick, perhaps they would be interested in recouping some of that cost. I know I’d love to buy an atrox shell.


In regards to the last question, it depends. If they just want to keep it as a side project, then I would suspect no. But if they are playing with the idea of turning what they do into a full time business, a big order could give them the capital they need to go to a manufacturer to do a production run of a given model.

There are other options of course, but these are just two competing choices. I don’t know what the builders want to do, the goal of the massdrop is to see if a scenario exists that benefits everyone.


This right here ^^^^


Interesting idea, I’ll put it on the list


Guess I’ll have to sign up for this site then.


The trading outlet might be a better place for this campaign to get exposure, I suspect it gets more regular traffic.


You should feel free to post it wherever you want. These type of things really only gain traction if everyone involved spreads it via word of mouth.


Aren’t they working to recoup that by turning the Atrox into an XB1 stick?