*MASSIVE* HDR Tournament Series, $38k in prizes, 8 Cities, starts July 28th


MASSIVE HDR Tournament series sponsored by CapCom kicks off July 28th

Who’s gonna enter?

Here are the details:


8 Cities
5 Countries
8 fully paid: airfares, 3 nights hotel, and transportation to hotel to qualifies for the grand finals in San Francisco
US$38,000 in total prizes

Qualifier Tournaments
(each location will advance 1 qualifier; except LA which will advance 2 qualifiers)
• Austin, TX: July 28-29
• New York Metro Area: August 11-12
• Hong Kong/Taipei: August 26
• London (Eurogamer Expo): September 29-30
• TENTATIVE: San Paulo (Brazil Game Show): October 13-14
• Los Angeles, CA: Oct 20th-21st
• Paris (Paris Games Week): November 3-4

Grand Finals
• San Francisco, CA: Dec 8th

(NOTE: Players in a Grand Final Tournament shall be comprised of the Winners
of each Qualifying Tournament AND any other international tournament competitor that Capcom in its sole
discretion may choose to invite)

Entry cost for all tournaments is FREE (unless you pre-registered and you don’t show up, such no-shows will be charged $20)

Register online
Register at then event (limited number of spots will be reserved for on-site registration)

Prizes paid out to the top 16 placers in each tournament

1st $1,250 + Qualifier slot + Trip
2nd $750
3rd $350
4th $300
5th-6th $200 each
7th-8th $150 each
9th-12th $87.50 each
13th-16th $75 each

Grand Finals
1st $3,000
2nd $1,500
3rd $1,000
4th $600
5th-6th $500 each
7th-8th $400 each
9th-12th $300 each
13th-16th $225 each

Every entrant gets a free t-shirt

Game Version: PlayStation 3

Monitor to be used is not listed, but I assume it’s an Asus based on their being a sponsor.

Game Settings: Versus, 99 seconds, 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games, Default Handicap

Akuma character is not allowed in any Tournament play.

If the Players do not agree on a stage within 15 seconds of the commencement
of a game, the game will be set to random stage select.




EDIT: I am super hyped to see the best sf2 version being played again, I hope it gets a big turnout!

It really sucks this on ps3


here’s your chance super1nyc.

you have about 3 weeks time to take off some days from work(if needed), for the august qualifiers in your town . i can understand if you cant make it for the grand finals, but at least take the new york pool.

this is your chance to show the offline world your Julliard piano skills bro ~


I haven’t been this disappointed since GFWL was confirmed for the PC port of Dark Souls.


Does anybody know if you can use a regular ps3 controller for this tournament? I’ve been looking to through the rules but can’t seem to find anything about controllers. If anybody can answer this I’d appreciate it.


Evo rules you can’t use the dualshock ones, because they are a huge pain in the ass to get them desynced with whatever ps3 they are on, but you probably can use a wired non dualshock controller


Yeah, controllers that wirelessly sync to the Xbox since you can cause trouble after your match. Wired and dongle are OK at evo.


OK, thanks guys. So one of those wired MadCatz controllers should be acceptable.




FYI, bad news for HDR fans (I can’t believe they wouldn’t announce something like this in the rules):


Uh what, is that a joke.

EDIT: If true, man that sucks, I was hoping for some hdr play




I gotta say, this spectacle has improved my already high opinion of Kuroppi. Much respect to him and to everyone else involved in organizing the ToL.

People knew the venue details of the ToL more than two weeks in advance. People knew what game they’d be playing more than two days in advance. Care was taken to ensure that the tournament was conducted on the least laggy setups possible.

The ToL was the product of love, not only for the game, but for the people who play it.


You should change your name to MilesOfTruth.


Not sure if this has been stated anywhere, but is there an entrance fee for spectators?


Brackets. Tourney starts at 11:30 CT


can someone that is there confirm the monitors being used?


I don’t believe so. There’s rarely ever an entrance fee for spectators.


They matches were pretty good, for Balrog vs X. Too bad balrog went 4-2, hopefully there is a different result in new york


I’ll try to do something about that.