Massive trouble in the neutral game in SF4


Im having a lot of troubles with spacing. Not your general fireball/footsie games but the ones where, the person is applying pressure and you’re blocking it and they cross you up. My anti airs on any character but a shoto miss. When I say miss, I just eat the cross-up and take a combo. How am I meant to be playing in that general area? I can block it, but then I just eat a blockstring and get crossed up again… I can’t block forever so what am I meant to be doing about it?


There’s a pretty lengthy gap between a blockstring, to when they go for the crossup again. A majority of characters only have one jump, so there’s only a few spots on the ground where they’ll jump and get behind you.

So this means you have a whole bunch of options. You can walk or dash out of it, you can do a jump back attack to beat them, auto correct dp, you can even duck below certain jump attacks with a crouching attack move. Lots of options.


I think utilising forward dash more helped to get out of these situations. I’m just too slow to walk, I get hit. I think i’ve wittled it down to just being too passive in SF4. If I see a combo I just tend to block and wait. Thanks for your advice, going to get out of these habits fast.


Air to Air them. Either jump away with an attack or neutral jump attack.