I’m gonna go ahead with the stick purchase. It’ll cost around $160 US total, but I can handle that.

I want to order it from But I can’t seem to access their site for some reason. I can get to it when I’m at work, but I can’t even ping the domain when I’m at home. There must be some weird proxy or routing problem on my end… whatever.

Anyway, I need to hear from people who’ve dealt with them. Tell me about their communication, their service, final product, turnaround time… anything. I’m gonna spend a lot of money on this stick, and I want to be sure I’m making the right choice by going with

I have that problem. One day I can access the site and another I can’t. I don’t know why it’s like that but you will eventually be able to get on. It’s an on/off thing. But for the most part the site works.

Their communication and customer service does suck. When you call to order you’ll get a lady who knows nothing about building sticks. She just there to take your order. Don’t try emailing, they will not get back to you. If you end up calling for a problem, you’ll get the same lady who knows nothing. But she will find someone to help.

I did have a problem with my stick. The PS2-to-xbox adaptor was making the games pauseing and unpauseing due to bad connection. I called about it, they told me to sent it back. I got a new one out to me and pay back for shipping. The new one still does the same thing but not as bad. It pauses once an hour. So beware of the adaptor but I can live with it, it’s not a deal. Plus it’s worth it because of the headset support it brings.

Overall I love my Mas Stick. The communication is horrid but they got to my problem. It took about 2 weeks to get to me (they were very busy at the time). The buttons and joystick are fantastic. The whole feel of it is good, very strong. I do recommend the buy.

Please ask more questions.

Just call Mas and hope that the lady answers. It’s really faster and less of a hassle that way

If you order a P360 stick MAKE FUCKING SURE to ask if they replaced the faulty-recalled P360s and got the new one from Happ. Or you’ll end up with a faulty p360 then you’ll have to send it to Happs and they’ll send you a replacement.

My XBOX adaptor also pauses, but I never noticed until Metal SLug

My P360 was was just fine.

I am very pleased with the stick, but do hope that the woman answers, cuz the guy, Thao, yelled at me for like a half hour when I was asking for a custom button layout.

Yeah, Thao is wack

Thanks for the tips, guys. It sounds like I’m gonna be in for an… um… interesting conversation if I call. It’s a friggin’ long distance call, too. Ah well…

The PS2->XBox adapter shipped with the stick pauses games? That kinda sucks. They could at least test for that before charging an additional $25. I guess that’s not a huge issue, though; I can always get another adapter from somewhere else if it becomes a problem.

Tell me something else… how did you guys pay for your sticks? Credit card? Personal check? The site mentioned something about accepting Paypal payments, and I’d rather do that. But I can use my credit card if I have to.

Also, how long did you have to wait (after you paid) before you received your sticks?

I’m asking a lot of questions. I’ve never dealt with them before, and I really want the stick. But I want to get as much info as possible before I get into the order process.

The adaptor pauseing isn’t that big of a deal to me. It only does it once or twice a hour. Plus it has headset support with Xbox live. I have a dreambox adaptor (the other one with headset support) and it doesn’t work with my Mas. I used a credit card and got the stick in two weeks.

BTW, I never got Thao when I called, always the lady. I called like 5 times too.

Ok, I’m going to order some mas sticks soon, and I dug up this old thread in my attempts to do some homework on the issue.

So, is there anything else you guys can suggest to make this as streamlined and painless as possible?

Call, hope you get the lady, then start spewing what you want? Do they ship to Canada?


You could order one from here.


Ok, after toying with the site, I checked for shipping to Canada, and they gave me 3 UPS options. Each being +$150 or more!!!?? I’m no shipping expert, but jesus christ, is that right???

Also, can anyone give me some firsthand experience with the mini version? It looks like there is little to no hand room.

Thanks again.

EDIT: ok, i’m stupid. The shipping price is added onto the price of the stick. It’s about $30 and up. lol

Dont buy mas.

Yeah, I was just gonna recommend a custom job for all its worth. I got an awesome price from Dreaded Fist, which was even better because I supplied the buttons and stick myself. He makes a good happ stick from what people say.

Care to tell me why? Is ther a better non-custom HAPP alternative out there? I have read that X-Arcade is crap, but I don’t know of any others.

All I want is the parts that mas offers, and I can re-solder the shit myself if I want to upgrade. Does the box suck or is there something else?

Whatever you say, Ive repaired a couple mas and they were botch jobs. Granted they werent brand new, but they where still shit compared to anything people on this board could make with any experience in wood working or soldering.

I agree, and alot of times they use odd wiring and weird PCB’s. for 160 you can get a dreaded fist stick or a hori.

EDIT: Wrong maker. Thanks to my sarcastic bitch for the heads up.

Hori makes American style sticks now? :rolleyes:

I’m trying to resolve an issue with these people. I ordered a SF Anniversary stick from them a looong time ago. I cannot seem to track down exactly what date I paid them, but I know I have an email from someone there from December 7th, 2005 telling me that the stick I ordered came to them and that it was in beaten up condition and that he wouldn’t feel right selling me a beaten up stick for a new price.

He offered to refund my money, or to upgrade from the SF anniversary stick to a mas mini for only 20 bucks. I sent him the 20 bucks on December 31st.

So, I have been trying to get a joystick from them that I paid for for at least 2 months now, and I sent an email asking for a refund yesterday, they haven’t gotten back to me yet.

The emails have been very cordial or whatever, but I’ve gotten ripped off before by really polite emailers too. At this point I just want my money back after 2 months of paying with no stick to show for it, it’s not like it’s a Byrdo custom stick or something, I wanted a simple SF Anniv. Or a mas mini.

You know what I find hilarious about MASsystems site? They give a MSRP and a discounted price when they ARE the manufacturer.