I’ve had two MAS sticks for nearly 5 years and personally, I’ve never had a problem with them. Although I did recently have one of the sticks replaced. Not because it was broken or faulty, but because I just wanted a P360.

The only thing I don’t like about MAS sticks is the artwork. But if you don’t care about that then go for it. Just make sure you know which stick and buttons are which.

:sweat: Thao is a really emotional guy. I was down at the warehouse a couple of weeks ago and he definitely let me knew what was on his mind. Nice guy and very opinionated.

They need to answer that DAMN Phone!!!

How come doesn’t show the Mas Mini? I only found out about that stick through (by the way it seems like people aren’t getting their stuff from him lately and I was think of ordering from him too, so what’s going on?)

Ouch. i was gonna order one from them on monday too. :frowning:

What’s the word people?

Ok, the guy emailed me the other day claiming he sent me an email saying they would not have internet access as they moved to their new office (I never got any email), then asked me if I still wanted a refund, I emailed back saying yes, and my paypal address.

Still waiting on a refund.

Tru, whats da deal??? Damn, thats not a good look.

Still waiting on a refund, you guys should email them your concerns so that they know what’s up, their customer service needs to step it’s game up, feel free to link to this thread.

Done and done.

I also tried to contact them via AIM, their live service thing… no reply, they weren’t even online.

Now this is MAS Systems or Alpha Electronics?

Alpha electronics…

Whoa, I’m gone for a minute and I see all sorts of things are brewing! I’m glad someone bought this thread to my attention.

First of, let me address some things. Right now we’re in the process of re-doing our home/office and have been without phone/internet service for a few weeks. I apologize in advance for not posting that on my website. Right now I’m sitting in the middle of an empty room with only my laptop trying to conduct business which isnt too easy. I’m hoping to have everything back up and running like normal by February 15th.

Julian: I sent you part of your refund from Paypal this evening, and will look back to see if I actually charged your credit card for the other part of the payment. If so, I will try to connect my credit card terminal and do the refund. If for some reason my terminal cant connect, I will mail you a money order before the end of this week. I sincerely apologize for the long delays in responding and taking care of this. This truely is not typical of how I run my business, as I pride myself on delivering fast responses to emails, phone messages, IM’s, etc.

For everyone else who is interested in placing orders, I will be up and running by Feb 15th, so any orders that you place now may be delayed for a few days. I look forward to getting everything back to normal so I can continue serving the community.

w00t! quick response!

At least now we have some info! :smiley:

I got the refund of $20 from the upgrade to my stick, waiting on the refund on the actual stick though, glad at least part of it has been made good.


Make sure when you send out the money order it is to my Auburn, WA address and not my Chicago one:

Julian Blake
11228 SE 314th PL
Auburn, WA 98092

No problem. I might be able to get my phone line working by the end of the day so that I can just credit your card back. I will email you and let you know when its done.

Aight, thats good you let everyone know. Im still tryin’ to get the MiNi MAS Stick.

ok good to see alpha electronics making contact. i’m gotta grab myself a mini mas.

do anybody know if the mini mas will work with ps2 to dreamcast and xbox adapters?

I’ve never tried using the mini with any other adapters, but with the ps2-xbox adapter that MAS Systems sells it works great. Maybe someone on here can verify it for sure. Sorry I couldn’t help.

Update: I am still without a proper phone line here, but am still working hard to get everything up to speed. Moving definitely sucks…:confused:


So what is going on?