Massystems super pro arcade stick on ebay as well as other stuff!

hey whats up i got a massystems superpro arcade stick up for sale on ebay at a great price! go check it out all you gamers that want to take it to the next level. it is dreamcast compatible and has a p360 joystick with japanese style buttons. Go check it out. I also have third strike street fighter and guilty gear x together for a sale at a low price and i have a dreamcast, 3 dreamcast controllers, the 2 cords needed, and 3 memory cards for sale as well! happy bidding!

is the link to the dreamcast and thirdstike/guilty gear x

is for the superpro arcade stick massystems

Are the buttons on the stick convex or concave Happ’s? I can’t tell from the description or the picture.

“japanese style buttons”= convex

Check your PM