Master Belmont's Arthur matchup notes

People in the Cap general discussion thought I should make those notes its own thread, so I’m doing the same for my Arthur ones. As I did in the past with Aftershock Tremor in MKX, here are my Arthur matchup notes! Obviously, these won’t work in every possible situation due to stones and tagging, but there are moments when they’ll come in handy. If something’s wrong, please tell me, because I want to make this as useful as I can.

Black Panther

[details=Spoiler]Slash Claw will destroy all projectiles, so stick to Daggers and Lances and delay the timing of the following two Daggers and second Lance to deal with this.
-Chain of Hunting L, H, L and H, H, L have gaps that you can do Shield Deflect during to punish him.
-Predator Arts on the ground and in the air will go through single-hit projectiles, but lose to Daggers and Lances, so stick to those. The only armored projectile it goes through is Crossbow, though. Reversal Heavenly Slash after a blocked ground Predator Arts will hit him during the startup of the second hit and before he gets away.
-Ground Crossbow can stuff ground Wall Jump from anywhere onscreen if you do it as he clings to the wall. The same applies to the air version if you’re halfscreen or further; if any closer, use Heavenly Slash as he comes down.
-Reversal Shield Deflect during the gap between the second and third hits of Hazard Zone will stuff the super.
-Heavenly Slash will stuff or trade with Sudden Death if done a split-second before he’s coming down.
-Air Daggers and Lances will stuff Air Interceptor.[/details]
Black Widow

[details=Spoiler]Twirl Kick (2/3 screen distance) can be low-profiled with Shield Deflect from any closer than max range. If she cancels into Strike Vector and a followup, you’ll recover before she can hit you.
-Oddly, crouching against Widow’s bite will not only avoid it completely, but cause the sphere to disappear immediately.
-Fire Bottle will destroy Widow’s Kiss cloud.
-If hit by Widowmaker bomb (sticks to you on both hit and block), Golden Armor after two seconds will protect you from the explosion.
-Shock Bite H can be stuffed from max range (halfscreen) or closer with Shield Deflect.
-Throw ground projectiles sparingly due to Strike Vector, which will avoid them completely.
-Spark Rush L (2/3 screen distance) can be stuffed with Shield Deflect from any range.
-Reversal Shield Deflect during the gap in between the punch/kick barrage and last hit (electric field) of a blocked Shock Therapy will stuff her super.[/details]
Captain America

[details=Spoiler]Due to Backflip, you’ll only want to use Daggers and Lances and delay the timing of the second/third Daggers and second Lance to punish this.
-Daggers and Lances will beat out Shield Slash L, as well as both Trick Shields. Shield Slash L can also be jumped over and punished with a projectile: if you’re fullscreen, use Crossbow, and any closer, use Fire Bottle. Also, double-jump after your projectile or you’ll land on his shield.
-Charging Star H will blow through all ground projectiles and hit you. Canceling into any super will deal with this. Of course, he can super-cancel, as well, so this is a very meta situation.
-Stars & Stripes renders useless due to its invincibility.
-Shield Deflect from not quite 2/3 screen distance or closer will stuff Charging Star H. This will even work if he super-cancels.[/details]
Captain Marvel

[details=Spoiler]Jumping forward if you think she’ll do Photon Blast is a good idea: if she does the L version, use air Crossbow or Fire Bottle to hit her (Crossbow may whiff at certain ranges due to her smaller hurtbox), and if she does the H version, simply block. Be careful of super-canceling, though.
-Photon Blast L goes over you completely if you’re crouching (lol).
-A blocked Strike Flurry and Blitz Blow can easily be punished with Heavenly Slash.
-Due to none of your ground normals or specials being able to deal with Photon Absorber, instant followed by another jump and the same normal (AKA double overhead) is what you’ll want to use, since her armor does not work against it (and you can combo afterward).
-If you think she’ll do Takeoff (command grab), which hits from two character spaces away, backdash and Lance Charge to punish her if she does.[/details]

[details=Spoiler]Flamethrower will stuff all normal ground projectiles, but lose to all armored ones.
-Air Fire Bottle is the best way to deal with Prone Position, as well as Machine Gun. Neutral jump Crossbow (followed by second jump) from halfscreen or further works, too.
-Shotgun destroys all ground projectiles, so delay the following two Daggers and second Lance to hit him. All armored projectiles except Crossbow will go through it, though.
-Daggers and Lances will beat out Magnum. All armored projectiles except Crossbow will beat it, as well.
-Fire Bottle will destroy Land Mine.
-Axe conveniently destroys Incendiary.
-Lance Charge immediately after the startup of raw Satellite Laser will avoid the shot if he lets it rip immediately.[/details]

[details=Spoiler]Cross Sword can stuff Kakukyakuraku (flip kick, hits from halfscreen) if you can read it. Done too late, though, and she’ll destroy it.
-Lightning Legs destroy all single-hit projectiles, but lose to Daggers and Lances. Only use those in ground battles. These also apply to Spinning Bird Kick (and air version).
-Heavenly Slash can easily stuff air Lightning Legs.
-Neither version of Kikoken (fireball) reaches fullscreen, and Daggers and Lances will plow through her projectile conveniently.
-Don’t throw projectiles from halfscreen when she has meter and isn’t doing anything, because Hoyokusen will go through them and hit you. It loses to armored projectiles, though.[/details]

[details=Spoiler]Stinger will easily stuff all ground projectiles and hit you from any range. The only armored projectile it destroys is Crossbow, though. This also applies to Scatter Shot (guns).
-Concerning Stinger and Million Stabs’ cancels:
Shield Deflect can be done during the gap between Million Stabs’ constant stabbing and the last hit.
Heavenly Slash L will stuff Air Trick (teleporting above).
Although you can’t stuff Drive (wave projectile), reversal Heavenly Slash will punish it on block.
Shield Deflect during the gap between Volcano/Beehive’s kicks and the ending slam will stuff it.
-Cross Sword will stuff Helm Breaker if he does it at close-range (not further, though).
-You can reversal Golden Armor during the gap between Crystal and Revolver followup (you can’t punish it, though).
-Shield Deflect right as he does Jet Stream (elemental sword charge) anywhere onscreen will stuff his move.
-Overall, this is not a zoning matchup, nor will you want to truly rush him down. This matchup will be about baiting him into doing Stinger and specials to punish any gaps he has (no easy task, so good luck).[/details]
Dr. Strange

[details=Spoiler]As if it weren’t obvious enough, this is not a zoning matchup due to his supers punishing projectiles easily and his Teleport.
-You can stand under raw Flames of the Faltine (lol). You can Lance Charge underneath it if he has no meter.
-Instant up close is the best way to deal with Illusion, because if you jump backward right as the move hits, you’ll end up above him and be able to again into Power surge (if you’re using that stone) for a full combo.
-Overall, you really just want to rush him down and mix up and instant with Shield Deflect.[/details]

[details=Spoiler]Dark Hole will absorb all of your normal projectiles, but Fire Bottle’s ground fire will go beneath it if done at the right range for it to land. All armored projectiles except Crossbow go through it, though.
-Daggers and Lances blow through Dark Matter.
-Lance Charge from 2/3 screen distance if you read Purification H will avoid it completely and hit him. If he super-cancels (or you think he will), do armor super to make yourself safe.
-Heavenly Slash deals with both versions of Mass Change.[/details]

[details=Spoiler]Daggers and Lances easily beat out Hell Spitfire. Ground Crossbow and his air-to-ground version will destroy each other. Arching ground version will beat out all of your normal projectiles, but all armored projectiles will beat it.
-Tornado will stuff all ground projectiles, but all armored projectiles except Crossbow will go through it.
-Forward Hp at close range is a good option select: if he stands there, he will need to tech a throw, and if he does Hell’s Elevator, you’ll hit him with Cross Sword if he does the L version or recover from the move before he can act if he does the H version.
-Daggers and Lances will stuff Demon Missile Lp/Hp/Hk. If he charges the Lp version raw, simply use Cross Sword and walk forward to stuff the move.[/details]

[details=Spoiler]All levels: Daggers and Lances will blow through Object Throw. You can also crouch under this move (lol).
Snapshot will destroy all ground projectiles, but the only armored projectile it can destroy is Crossbow.
Daggers and Lances will easily blow through zombies.
-Lv.2: Shield Deflect works against both version of Roundhouse Kick.
Always use multi-hit projectiles due to Barrel Roll.
Instant back is a good option if you read Barrel Roll, since it has a chance to hit him when he recovers.
-Lv.3: Shield Deflect from one step closer than halfscreen or closer than that will either stuff Tools of Survival or absorb the first hit and allow you to act while he’s still doing the move.
Don’t get predictable with instant due to Funny Face Crusher.
Outside the Box (Servbot head charge) will go through all normal projectiles (both air and ground versions), but lose to all armored ones except Crossbow.
-Lv.4+5: Shield Deflect done halfscreen or closer will either stuff Tools of Survival or absorb the first hit and allow you to act while he’s still doing the move; the following hits can occasionally get you if you absorb it, though. Also applies to This Looks Useful, except you stuff that from all ranges.[/details]

[details=Spoiler]From long-range, H Shoot & Slash (unfortunately) beats out every projectile on the ground. However, jumping forward and doing air Fire Bottle will hit her or force her to block or move if she simply lets the move rip without a followup. If she does the L Arch Shot followup, the ground fire will hit her when she lands. If she does the H followup, the bottle will either hit her in the air or the ground fire will hit her when she lands.
-Close-range H Shoot & Slash shots can be completely avoided by crouching at point-blank range (lol). Concerning the followups:
Divine Slash can be punished with Lance Charge, Daggers or Lances into super, and raw super.
While nothing is fast or far-reaching enough to punish Godslayer, reversal Shield Deflect against a highly aggressive player can work well.
-Golden Armor after the third hit of a blocked Slash Rush will work and keep you safe, so you can punish in addition to being armored up.
-Holding up-back during the startup of raw Celestial Barrage from any range (if you’re not doing anything) will either block or avoid it. If she does it close, full combo punish when you land.[/details]
Ghost Rider

[details=Spoiler]Shield Deflect from 2/3 screen distance or further against Rage Whip won’t stun him, but will protect you and allow you to immediately jump and use a projectile. Done any closer, and he’ll be stunned. The same applies to Wraith Whip (low).
-Crouching avoids Chain of Rebuttal from all ranges (lol).
-Daggers are the only ground projectiles Judgment Strike doesn’t destroy (yes, it destroys lances), so just stick to those during ground battles. The only armored projectile it can destroy, though, is Crossbow.
-Chain of Punishment destroys all air projectiles. The only armored one it destroys, though, is Crossbow.[/details]

[details=Spoiler]Shield Deflect at halfscreen or closer can stuff ground Steel Pipe and allow you to combo.
-Daggers and Lances will stuff Violent Axe and Hoodlum Launcher if you do them during his startup.
-If you suspect Double Lariat from close-range, crouch to avoid it and do twice. The first will whiff due to his invincibility, but the second will hit and allow you to combo (rapid-firing the normal won’t require timing).
-If you suspect Flying Piledriver from close range, do instant x2 followed by Power surge (if you’re using that stone) to punish with a combo.
-Daggers and Lances are what you’ll want to use from long range due to Cleanin’ up the City (barrel, absorbs single-hit projectiles), and you’ll want to slightly delay throwing the second/third Daggers and the second Lance due to the brief invincibility he gets after the barrel is destroyed (the second dagger will pass through him, but the third will hit; the first lance will destroy the barrel, but the second will hit).
-Shield Deflect during the gap between the punching and last hit of a blocked Rapid Fire Fist will stun him and allow you to combo.[/details]

[details=Spoiler]Quick Shot Greyhound will beat out all ground projectiles except Daggers, which it will trade with. All armored projectiles except Crossbow will beat it, though. Also, you can crouch under this move (lol). This all applies to Spritzer, as well.
-Daggers and Lances will beat out all Trick Maneuver followups except Scorpion, but that’s an anti-air, so there’s no reason to worry about it from the ground. Fire Bottle will destroy Jack Rose (explosive).
-Lance Charge during either version of Ragtime Shot will hit him and avoid the falling arrows. While risky from far away (against H version), Lance Charge from 1/3 screen distance or close range (against L version) will hit him before he can super-cancel.
-Whiffed normals canceled into Golden Armor or For the Princess is a good way to bait Gimlet and make him waste meter, since you’ll be invincible during the supers.[/details]

[details=Spoiler]Although charged Impact Punch’s armor will work against Shield Deflect, starting a combo afterward will break the rest of his armor. If he super-cancels, the armor will disappear and you’ll be able to stuff his super.
-Jump Crossbow can easily punish Gamma Wave if you do it when the wave comes out (do it during his startup and you’ll be hit).
-Gamma Charge will armor through all projectiles, including armored ones (except axe if you do it when he charges). Shield Deflect will stuff it and allow you to combo, though.
-For the Princess will stuff Gamma Crush when he’s on the way down.[/details]
Iron Man

[details=Spoiler]Delaying your Dagger throws is a good way to deal with Unibeam, because although the first two will be destroyed, they’ll protect you and the third one will hit him. Super-canceling will shut this down, though, so try to bait it.
-Daggers and Lances will go through Arm Missile (it will destroy single-hit projectiles).
-Shield Deflect will stuff Repulsor Ray from halfscreen or closer. It will protect you from the first hit any further and allow you to block the second and third.
-Crossbow will stuff raw ground Smart Mine from halfscreen or further, while Cross Sword will stuff it any closer. Crossbow will also destroy the air version from 2/3 screen distance or further, while Cross Sword will do that any closer.
-You can crouch under Proton Cannon (lol). Also, Shield Deflect will stuff the super on startup.[/details]

[details=Spoiler]Don’t throw projectiles on the ground when he has meter and is grounded as well, since he’ll get a free super.
-Crouching at 1/3 screen distance or closer avoids both versions of Spirale Divina (claw grab) (lol).*
-Shield Deflect from halfscreen or closer easily deals with both versions of Falce Inizio (scythe).*
*Watch for level 3 from these ranges, though.
-L Sangue Sacrificale (spinner) will destroy any projectile from halfscreen, while H version will do the same in the air. However, all armored projectiles except Crossbow will pass through both versions.
-Ground Crossbow easily deals with both versions of Falce Primordiale (air-to-ground grab).
-H Dolore Oscuro (air Sonic spin dash) will destroy all air projectiles as he advances, but loses to all armored projectiles except Crossbow.
-Heavenly Slash stuffs both versions of Turbine dell’Ira (downward air drill). Must be done right when he’s less than halfway to the ground, or else it will trade or he’ll stuff your move.[/details]
Monster Hunter

[details=Spoiler]Shield Deflect will stuff Circle Slash from one step further than halfscreen or closer and Lunging Strike from 2/3 screen distance or closer.
-Shield Deflect will stuff Draw Slash L from 2/3 screen distance or closer; sometimes, from max range, it will simply protect you and not stun her, but allow you to jump over the second hit. This doesn’t work against the H version due to its armor.
-Dodge will go through all projectiles, so stick to Daggers and Lances and delay the following two Daggers and second Lance to deal with this.
-Regular Arrow Strike will go through single-hit projectiles, but not destroy the third (and sometimes second) Dagger or second Lance. It can also be crouched under (lol). The charged version will go through all normal projectiles, but all armored projectiles except Crossbow will go through it.
-Golden Armor during the gap before the last hit in Demolisher Demon Dance will protect you from the last hit and allow you to punish right as the super ends.[/details]

[details=Spoiler]Cross Sword will stuff or make you go beneath Shell Kick when she does it (in the air) in front of where you’re standing from all heights. She’ll stuff it if you’re any further, though.
-All multi-hit projectiles pass through Soul Fist with ease. Crossbow will destroy air-to-ground Soul Fist or vise versa.
-All projectiles (only air or ground versions of some) can destroy delayed Harmonious Spear “balls”.
-Don’t throw projectiles in a ground battle from 2/3 screen distance or closer due to Shadow Servant’s invincibility and speed. [/details]

[details=Spoiler]Crouching avoids deadly reach from all ranges (lol). Be mindful of super-canceling, though.
-Don’t throw ground projectiles at halfscreen or closer due to Clothesline Rocket’s armor and ability to nullify your projectiles (even armored ones).
-Daggers and Lances beat out Rocket Launcher on the ground unless he fully charges it, but your projectiles will still destroy it despite not hitting him. All armored projectiles beat it except crossbow, though.
-A safe thing to do after destroying one of his rockets is to fire off Lances to stuff his potential Reload (allows him to keep shooting). Daggers will lose to this, though.
-If he delays his Air Rocket Launcher from a distance (most likely fullscreen), do Lance Charge followed by Heavenly Slash to avoid it and possibly punish him.
-Shield Deflect during the gap between the fourth and fifth hits in Biohazard Rush will stun him and allow you to combo.
-Do Heavenly Slash when he comes down during Bioweapon Assault to stuff it.[/details]

[details=Spoiler]Lance Charge will stuff Nova Slam through most of its animation from halfscreen or closer.
-Gravimetric Pulse L won’t destroy all Daggers, and the last one will hit him. H version will destroy all airborne projectiles. The only armored projectile either version destroys is Crossbow, though.
-Ground Daggers will stuff Centurion Rush L, Shooting Punch, and Nova Strike L. All other normal projectiles will be low-profiled or destroyed, though, so just stick to these. None of the moves can go through armored projectiles, though.
-Mix up your timing on Dagger-throwing (and don’t always throw all three) to deal with super-canceling.
-All armored projectiles except Crossbow will go through Super Nova (lol).[/details]

[details=Spoiler]Daggers and Lances will beat out Spitfire + Twice, and you’ll recover before the projectiles hit you (he won’t). Air Crossbow and Fire Bottle will lose to the angled version, though. These also apply to Spitspark.
-Daggers and Lances will beat out Groot Slam (single-hit projectiles will lose to him). Groot Splinter will destroy all air projectiles, but lose to armored air Fire Bottle and Axe.
-Both ground traps can be destroyed by Fire Bottle.
-Cross Sword against a read Tunnel Rat will either hit him if he emerges in front of you or keep you safe due to recovering after your startup.
-Goddess Bracelet during the gap between the bullets and energy shot in a blocked Rock ‘n’ Roll will destroy the shot and hit him.[/details]

[details=Spoiler]Daggers and Lances will easily blow through Hadouken. Watch for super-canceling, but armored projectiles (minus Crossbow) will go through super. You’ll know he’s doing Sen Hadouken (beam) when he’s charging, and it will easily destroy all normal projectiles, so jump and do Fire Bottle when you spot this. All armored projectiles except Crossbow will go through the beam, though.
-Shoryuken is invincible, so is not a good idea in this matchup. Shield Deflect will work against it if you can read it, though. also loses to Tatsu.
-Cross Sword when he’s airborne is a good option, because it will stuff air Tatsu if he’s low enough (and you’ll most likely recover before he can act if he’s not).[/details]

[details=Spoiler]Overload Laser will destroy all single-hit projectiles, but lose to Daggers and Lances. It can’t destroy any armored projectiles, though.
-Shield Deflect will work against all versions of Arc Divide except HP version (that’s an anti-air). Arc Divide “slashes” will stuff all projectiles when they’re onscreen, but the only armored projectile they can stuff is Crossbow.
-Reflector Magnum (rockets) will stuff all single-hit projectiles as well as Lances and the first two Daggers. To deal with this, simply delay the timing on the following two Daggers and second Lance so the rockets will only destroy one of your attacks.
-Canceling a normal into Heavenly Slash is a good way to deal with Counter Teleport if you read it, because his counter will absorb your normal and your anti-air will hit him right as he appears above you. S.hp/hk are the best for this.
-All armored projectiles except Crossbow will go through Doom Buster.
-Shield Deflect during the gap after the first hit of Rave Divide will stuff his super.[/details]

[details=Spoiler]Shield Deflect will stuff Right Hook (overhead) from 2/3 screen distance or closer. He can’t cancel this move.
-Wire Grapple L can be jumped over and punished with an air projectile: do Crossbow from fullscreen or two steps closer, and Fire Bottle from any closer than that. Shield Deflect can low-profile this move.
-Instant avoids L Jaw Breaker (command grab) if you think he’ll do it. Watch for H version, though, because that will get you.
-Both Heavenly Slash and Cross Sword will stuff Bionic Bomber.
-Crossbow will destroy Hand Grenade when it’s coming down and after the first bounce.
-Shield Deflect against a read Bionic Lancer will stuff it. Whiffed normals canceled into this special are effective at baiting him.[/details]

[details=Spoiler]Ground Web Ball destroys all single-hit projectiles, so you’ll want to use only daggers and lances when you’re both grounded. It does not destroy armored projectiles, though.
-Maximum Spider is invincible to all ground projectiles, so don’t throw them when he has meter. Air daggers will stuff the super, though. Armored axe will shut down his super if done at the right time.
-All ground projectiles that are already onscreen will stuff Web Throw. Air crossbow will stuff the H version.
-Heavenly Slash can beat out ground Web Swing from all ranges except 1/3 screen distance or closer.
-If you can read Spider Canon (both versions have a good amount of startup), Heavenly Slash will beat it.
-Crossbow can stuff forward Web Glide from all ranges if done during his startup.[/details]

[details=Spoiler]Heavenly Slash done right as he jumps in front of you can beat out Excalibur lp/lk.
-Gram H will destroy all ground projectiles from long range and hit you. It can’t destroy any armored projectiles, though. Overall, don’t zone on the ground in this matchup unless you’re armored up.
-Cross Sword stuffs Hk Vajra if done right before or during his startup. Done later, though, and he’ll just blow through it and hit you.
-Firing off an air projectile when he does Wall Cling can force a reaction from him. Of course, if it’s just a normal projectile, he’ll probably just take the damage, since you won’t be able to capitalize off of it.[/details]

[details=Spoiler]Titan’s Gaze destroys all ground projectiles from halfscreen except daggers, so make that the only one you use when grounded. He can’t destroy any armored projectiles, though.*
-Both versions of Titan Charge will absorb (L will destroy) all projectiles, including armored ones, so Shield Deflect is the best option to deal with it.*
*Mix up the amount of daggers you throw to confuse him.
-Palm Breaker destroys all air projectiles, but none of the armored ones except Crossbow.
-Instant is what to do if you read Insurrection’s End (command grab), since it only hits grounded opponents. You’ll get a full combo afterward. The same can work against Emperor’s Stance.
-Titan’s Shield L will absorb all projectiles as it travels, but if you’re the right distance, quickly do Fire Bottle, and the flames will go underneath it and possibly hit him. All armored projectiles except Crossbow will pass through it, though.
-Heavenly Slash works against both versions of Titan’s Deceit (teleport) right as he appears.[/details]

[details=Spoiler]Spinning Thunder stuffs all regular projectiles on the ground. All armored projectiles except Crossbow go through it, though. These also apply to Mighty Spark Mjolnir.
-Fully charged Mighty Strike and Mighty Smash go through all normal and armored projectiles.
-Instant is your best up-close option, particularly if you can read Mighty Hurricane, since it only hits grounded opponents (the ground version, at least). You can combo into another and Power surge (if you’re using that stone).
-Overall, your gameplan should be to sparingly throw air projectiles and keep running away to whittle his life down and make him catch you, hopefully getting a combo in eventually (not going to be easy, though).[/details]

[details=Spoiler]Attempt to control the ground and force him to approach from the air. You don’t have many options to deal with him in the air, so you want to get a projectile or super out on his way down/attempt to anti-air him or go underneath him with Lance Charge and try to reset the situation.
-Doing Daggers at the same time he does Death Ray L will sometimes cause the third dagger to remain onscreen and hit him. It will always be onscreen if he does the H version.
-Any projectile conveniently destroys drones if he calls them from fullscreen. Also, Blaster Drone’s attack will go over you even if you’re standing (shoutouts to hurtboxes).
-Shield Deflect does not work against Protonium Emitter.[/details]

[details=Spoiler]Due to Venom Fang and Web super dealing with regular projectiles easily, this will not be a standard zoning matchup.
-Shield Deflect will stuff Venom Predate from slightly further than halfscreen. Watch for super-canceling, though. The same applies to ground Venom Fang L.
-Shield Deflect low-profiles ground Venom Fang H from all ranges. Watch for super-canceling, though. Heavenly Slash easily beats out air version, but watch out for super-canceling that, as well.
-Venom Throw and single-hit projectiles will destroy each other, so use Daggers and Lances in response to this move.
-Fire Bottle will destroy Venom Trap.
-Crossbow (ground or air) in response to Venom Glide deals with his move conveniently.[/details]
Winter Soldier

[details=Spoiler]You can crouch under Pistol Shot (lol).
-J.Hk x2 will easily stuff Patriot before the armor kicks in.
-Rifle Burst will blow through all normal ground projectiles and hit you, but the opposite is true for all armored projectiles except Crossbow.
-Fire Bottle will destroy Grenade Toss L, and Cross Sword will destroy the H version.
-Don’t do Goddess Bracelet when Metal Shield is up, because he can absorb the entire super while approaching you. For the Princess, however, will hit him out of the stance immediately.
-Shield Deflect will stuff Silver Patriot and allow you to combo.
-For the Princess can be done during the gap in between the grenades and rifle of a blocked Mag Purge to stuff his super.[/details]

[details=Spoiler]The only ground projectile that can beat out a fully charged X Buster is Daggers, so stick to those in ground battles. All armored projectiles except Crossbow go through it, though.
-Concerning X Buster’s followups:
There’s really no way to stuff Backstep or Slide. Just respect the moves and react to what he does after.
Buster Hammer can be stuffed with Lance Thrust (forward, which also avoids the projectile.
Dash can be stuffed if you have Cross Sword out and do Daggers, destroying his projectile and hitting him.
-If he does Sonic Slicer when you’re airborne, jump a second time (if you haven’t already) and do either or Fire Bottle to deal with whatever he does next.
-Ground Crossbow and Frost Shield will destroy each other. Also, if you’re halfscreen or closer when he does this move, Lance Charge will punish him.
-Crouching will avoid Boomerang Cutter from all ranges, and you can punish with Lance Charge.
-All armored projectiles except Crossbow will go through Full-Power Charge Shot.[/details]

[details=Spoiler]Daggers and Lances easily blow through all versions of Hyper Zero Blaster. Only Daggers go through Hadangeki (wave), though.
-Armored projectiles (minus Crossbow) will go through his projectile barrage during Sougenmu. Regular projectiles will lose hard, though.
-If he has Blaster charged to max and he does Hadangeki, he can follow up with Rakuhouha, which will destroy all of your normal projectiles. All armored projectiles except Crossbow will go through it, though.
-Cross Sword is a good way to deal with Hienkyaku (dash), because it will stuff his move, anti-air him if he does that version, or allow you to recover before he can act.
-Instant in response to Raikousen right before he lands will either stuff the move and cause the lightning to disappear or trade but not allow him to convert due to hitstun. Done too late, though, and you’ll be hit and combo’d. If done while Sougenmu is active, the second lightning will still occur, so you’ll either be able to block if you stuff it but get hit and combo’d if it trades, so it’s a risk.
-Armored projectiles will go through Genmu Zero (lol).[/details]

Great post man. Learned lots of stuff about some of the cast I didn’t even know

I’ve been trying to drop Arthur like a bad habit, because I’ve been dedicated to finding an optimal Spidey team and Spidey needs power stone, which is good for Arthur, but imo not as good as time. Nonetheless each time I find another reason to come back to the Silver Knight.

When I first started playing Arthur, my main neutral patterns involved locking down with daggers and tagging in Spidey to rush down once they blocked daggers.

Then I discovered the power of jump HKxx Power surge, and, my Arthur would use the double jump a lot more to get in for some pogo pressure.

Most recently I’ve become obsessed with locking them down with low altitude jump crossbows (jump empty cancel HK with crossbow). It feels like the most optimal way to play Arthur since they’re so plus on block, and they allow Arthur to start combos from full screen. It’s two main weaknesses- susceptibility to attacks from sj height and the risk of getting reflected are challenging, but I don’t think they’re fatal.

My question is - your match up notes have some really good stuff, but it’s all situational. On a general basis, do you have one or multiple playstyles with Arthur that you switch up depending on the match up, or do you have a single play style that you tweak based on the match up? If so, what’s your neutral play with Arthur?

I primarily zone out most characters, but I take a more turtle-style approach against what I find to be unfavorable matchups (my #s are in the general discussion). I start Cap, so I usually throw the shield to land a hit that I convert into a corner-carrying combo and tag Arthur after super. I have a pretty dirty hard-to-blockable (that caused someone to actually ragequit once) where I do j.HK x2 and tag into Cap and go low, which you can mix up the timing of to screw with the opponent. If I kill a character (and they’re not using Soul Stone) and I have no resources (sometimes when I do, depending on the matchup), I’ll get away and start throwing stuff and Time Surge to make them chase me, and if a ground projectile hits raw, I’ll tag into Cap for a combo.

And no offense (really), but I did say these notes were situational in the OP, since there can’t be all-purpose matchup notes in a game like this.