Master Bison


here’s a quick Bison i did, by request. it’s in a new halfassed style i’ve been doing quick pencils and then quick inks and no erasing. i might throw some colors on it too.

i always thought he’d look cooler without the hat.



I agree. This looks really awesome and I hope you get a wild hair up your ass and color it :smiley:

Thanks so much luv


It’s look pretty good so far, you definitely gotta good style on the face but here’s my best suggestion I could give. BUY THIS BOOK:

It has everything you need to know about making awesome looking proportions for the style your going for, because your guys look cool but not very full. One of the main goals when drawing a figure character like M.Bison is to make him look like he’s full, like you could imagine him breathing in and out, and you could see his head turn just by the picture you draw. Also for massive super heroes and super villians remember to give em nice and broad shoulders, because it will actually make them look more intimidating, which gives them that character persona you want.
-Keep practicing, its lookin good


dude. the looking to the left is starting to get old quick.


HaHa man i was thinking the same shit. For once i agree with you.


i always thought he’d look cooler with the hat backwards:p