Master Chibi


Ok here are the pictures and what I am looking for.

First one is for me. If this will work, which I doubt and may be too big. I just want Ryu and Cammy moving up and down on the av screen. I put lines on there so that it will indicate where stopage takes place and where it ends. I have another idea if this one is too much trouble.

Second one is for my buddy Alucard DX. He want Morgan spelling his name out with her wings if that makes any sense. That is very hard, but if you can’t just put Morgan spelling his name out with her wings without movement.

You don’t leave empty handed as the 2 characters you want me to draw will also be sketched and colored. Any pose and character you want. thanks in advance Master Chibi.


Ok use this pic instead as the other one is washed out color wise. I had to embed the colors.


You’ll have to give me a bit, I’m somewhat swamped with work from school, but I’ll get them done.

I’m not exactly an animation guy either, but I will give these a try regardless. I’ll also make verisions that aren’t animated as well.

I’ll try and have them done by the end of the week. Do you still want the word ‘maligore’ in there for your avatar?