Master list of fighting games with fart attacks or farting

ok im trying to make this list so ppl can have this info when they need it . post in the thread and if you got a game you know about some fart attacks in just post it up and what character has the fart and you gotta press to make them fart (like QCF+B for example if that was how you fart) or on what condition a character farts (eg, a non damaging farting taunt, or a fart win pose)

ill start us off with 1 example

UPDATE AS OF 3/15 @ 4:49 i think this list is nearly completed. there are way less farts than i anticipated but im still pleased w/ the results

Clayfighter series
Butch - fart blast from butt
Boogerman - his name is boogerman he fart in his own platformer now he fart in a fighting game

Tatsunoko vs Capcom
Hakushon Daimaou - farting genie

Samurai Showdown
Earthquake - fart - he farts idk how to do it but its in samsho 1 2 and 6

SvC Chaos
Earthquake - fart - he farts (SAME FART AS BEFORE BUT IN A NEW GAME, better graphics on the fart)

Primal Rage
Chaos - “Fart of Fury” - this char farts and pees and pukes on shit he is diseased monkey that fights w/ his disease

Mortal Kombat series
Bo Rai Cho - has multiple fart based fatalities to humiliate your opponent w/

Jojos Crazy Adventure
Iggy the dog - Iggy the dog farts all over the place in his moves

Tekken game
Gon - Gon the dinosaur fart attack - Gon the Dinosaur can fart in this game to damage his opponent and maybe throw off there game
Dr. B - this motherfucker moves by farting
Bear characters - crazy ass farters

Kanji - charge back, foward + B + D - a devastating combo attack culminating with a high-damage fart blast

Super Smash Brothers: BRAWL
Wario - down + B - a fart that gets bigger the longer you wait to fart

Eight Marbles Ura Version
all this game is is farts and girls farting on eachother or even becoming a big farting butt

Tattoo Assassins
this game is full of farts and farting and everyone in the game can fart


are there any birds in fighting game that can fart

That video was the first thing that popped into my head when I read the thread title. :lol:

IIRC, Primal Rage had fart attacks.

can butt-related attacks be lumped in with fart attacks?

there are a lot of butt-related attacks in kof let me tell you

What the fuck was that. You’ve just weirded me out before bed, thanks.

OP I think this will be a long list.
Only fart related move in any game I can think of is Pey’j from Beyond Good and Evil and his fart powered rocket shoes.

earthquake in samsho

If so…we also got Soul Calibur

Gon in Tekken 3 had a fart attack, similarly Dr B from the same game had a cough attack.

I think Kuma/Panda may have a fart attack in Tekken 6 as well.

peter griffin in mugen…if that counts.
in mvc2, bb.hood lifts up her leg and a missile comes out from her crotch.

Samurai Shodown 1/2/6 and SvC Chaos - Earthquake
Mortal Kombat Deception - Bo Rai Cho fart fatality (and he also has fart sound effects in Deadly Alliance and Armageddon)

def, teh mugen rocks

Iggy from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure farts in his throw and a few other attacks iirc.

this list is getting quite a bit more complete, thanks

Kuma/Panda have fart unblockable moves in Tekken 3 and up. You get hit with that and you’re just about dead. I want to say its b,b+2+3+4, but i’m probably wrong

Also Tekken 3 Dr. B had a sit down stance that was propelled by him farting every time you hit button 3

The ice skate girl in tattoo assassins

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Don’t forget Hakushon Daima? in TvC:CGoH