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Sentinel Vs Sentinel 100% Combo


DSP Sentinel Tutorial P1




Sent is a problem!



is that manually cancelling fly?




Another Combo…



More like a solution. Thank God for the robot.


Here’s my 3rd one. Im done for the night. Gonna work on some dope phoenix combos!



Sick finds, keep them coming. Gonna be practicing this shit tonight.


Here is a pretty basic combo but it deals a good amount.


Super easy solo Sentinel 2 meter 816,000 / XFC and 3 meter 1,144,600 damage combo.

The anti-infinite mechanic likes to kick in if you’re not fast enough with the air H after the second launcher.


edit: This combo does 895,000 if you replace the second Hyper Sentinel Force with Plasma Storm.



829,400 Damage, 1 meter with Jam Session Assist.


Pretty decent considering most characters have to use Level 3s and can’t do nearly half that much damage from them alone. Definitely worth the meter in my opinion.


It’s already easy to find in the “Crack Dash” link, but it’s not a direct link and many may have not seen this. 95% vs Magneto and only one hyper, no assists. Magneto seems to be lying on the ground forever though…

YouTube - mvc3craaaaaaack’s Channel


I was one of those few of us who wanted Sentinel because he is awesome all around. But after seeing the damage form all those combos, I kinda feel like an asshole…an asshole with a Godlike character :cool:. Do you unfly after the first hit and do the second one falling down for the unfly combo? Gonna have to bust those out at the wal-mart tournament.


page updated


Sent. vs. Sent. 100%

YouTube - MvC3: Sentinel vs Sentinel 100% Combo




nice combos!



My refly combo. My fingers are numb, seriously lol, been labbing it up all day.