Master of Koen-Ken Style = Lau Chan Thread


So when it comes to VF series I’m a fan of Lau Chan. He has some good combos and power so I’ll be updating this thread with some bnbs and tips. Feel free to update this thread as well guys!


I’m interested in this character, would you point out why you like him? Some players say he’s boring to play… and actually I did feel like he has a bit less options than other characters (but I haven’t explored much his second stance, yet)


Well for me personally I he just suits me because he uses a tiger style martial arts (big fan of that style lol) but it is true he does have less options when compared to everyone else who has multiple stances and counters, but for me I like his power, if he connects with a hit it can lead to a pretty lengthy combo for big damage. He has good speed as well, i guess it just a personal thing but he’s just my favorit in VF series lol.


He’s simple, but direct. He’s got hella easy combos and combinations off his juggles (if things are too complicated and your mind is mushy, just launch someone and go PPPK AAAAAAIEEEEEYEEEAH!!! for damage).

Main reason I chose him. And then I saw other silly things he could do to people (OTG forever and a half on most, GOOD juggle carry abuse).

Oh, and that Pai doll is awesome. hugs
Better than the ‘other’ daughter scowls at Pai-Chan


I think he lacks a bit in the defense department :slight_smile: but his offense is great!


Ok, I’m fairly new to Virtua Fighter but I’ve decided to main Lau for the time being. I’ve been working on launchers, but I would like some feedback on this. I apologize if my understanding is amateurish, but comments would be appreciated.

So far I think Lau has 4 launchers, but they each have distinct strengths and weaknesses such that there is no one go-to launcher for every situation.

Launches opponents the highest and can be followed up for the most damaging combos, but its 20 frame startup and -15 frame disadvantage on block makes this a risky move to initiate with. I’ve been using it more often to extend other combos, especially against the wall.

While crouching 3P, P+K
The second hit will launch the opponent, but the first hit will only launch on counter hit. I don’t see much use for this, as the two hits do not naturally combo unless counter hit, and the first hit is also high. This means it can’t be used to punish blocked sweeps. Plus, the frame disadvantage on block is enormous.

While rising K
This move comes out reasonably fast at 15 frames, and is also safer at -7 frames on block. For the LIFE of me, I cannot seem to follow this up with more hits, even on counter hit. It just seems to push the opponent too far away. So far, I’ve only found use for this when the opponent is against the wall. Would be awesome if someone could show me combos from this without walls.

From Kokei 3P
Lau’s fastest launcher at 14 frames, and relatively safe at -7 frames on block. This is my favorite launcher, as it puts the opponent at a perfect distance for extended combos, albeit without as much height as 3P+K. However, the requirement to be in Kokei stance makes it impossible to use this as a quick punish on reaction. The other drag is that, although it looks like he might avoid high attacks during the animation, he still will get hit.

The problem I am seeing here is that none of these launches make good punishers. I feel like one has to rely on 4,6P and followups for quick punishment, but the damage is usually not as good as a launcher combo. I’m sure I’ve missed something, so I hope someone can contribute some other options.


Random question but when did Lau lose that throw where he would lift up your arms and strike your vital points than knock you down? That was my favorite.


Yeah, I noticed he lost it. Kinda sad, cause I liked the sound of him breaking your armpits and then delivering that nice power punch right to the heart.

In other news…
Gadammit, I need bigger damaging combos!


Lau is awesome. He’s my main.