Master Schedule

What time can we expect the BYOC room to open on friday? I dont see any thing specific on the scheadule.

Should we expect it to be open from 9am to 12am?

after schedules are handed out, so around 10am, and the byoc area will NOT be open sunday.

That’s pretty wack, I know people won’t want to sit around and watch all the finals. We felt pretty dicked at TS5 when they took away the tv’s during finals, but I can understand that being as how they didn’t want to detract from the main event, but why this if its going to be in another room? The only reason I can see is to save time breaking stuff down, but still…

well obviously you didnt read the schedule notes at the bottom, as the BYOC area is in the same hall like TS5. Read next time pls.

OH I like that the BYOC is in the same room. I will make it alot easier for ppl to make there games when they are trying to play in side tournys or just casual gaming.

Do you have any idea how many set ups you will have for BYOC?

OK SORRY! I take all that back I hadn’t read it.
So…who’s throwing Sunday mvc2 tourney this time? Preppy? Viscant?

aw shit

tekken 5 finals so late

i was considering going to evo and leaving right after t5 finals

make t5 finals start earlier so i can leave earlier :tup:

why are the cvs2 finals so early in the day?

Cause if it was late night we’d might fall asleep watching the pokefest continue. We’d have to hand out pillows and get my old kindergarden teacher to read us some Dr.Suess beforehand. Eating smores and drinking apple juice afterwards. I guess we can wake up and watch in awe when we hear Sakura go soo soo soo soo soo soo soo soo soo soo soo, and Bison go HEAYH HEAYH HEAYH HEAYH HEAYH HEAYH HEAYH HEAYH HEAYH, or Blanka go RAR RAR RAR RAR pause RAR RAR RAR RAR *pause RAR RAR flash RA AHHROOOOOOOO!

ooooooh, you’re trying to be funny, okay, i get it now. E for effort.

how about we switch t5 finals and cvs2 finals :clown:

or t5 finals right after intermission? plzplzplz :sad:

it’s in order of what srk thinks is more popular (best for last, etc, etc), t5 is 2nd to last cause it’s a new game and hella people are playing it, and 3s is last because latley america has been on 3s’s nuts…which is the way it’s supposed to be

and most likely like last year, cvs2 will outdraw every other game

pssh poh deist gair neahn

Yeah, why are CVS2 finals so early?

Isn’t it one of the top 3 games in terms of popularity?

I still don’t get how everyone on the forum hates it, but then come tourney time it gets the most entries.

because hating on cvs2 is the popular thing to do.

can’t speak for everyone else, but i joined it last year to kill time when i’m not that big of a fan. i must say it did a pretty good job of that. sup arturo :tup:

Well CvS2 also has the longest games timewise. Putting it up front may not be a bad idea.

For the last 2 years, 3rd strike final 8 have been quite entertaining. MvC2 final 8 weren’t too great to watch.

I’m surprised Tekken 5 isn’t the last game of the day.

Why is TTT even scheduled for a block of time on Sunday. The 32 people that are gonna enter that can get it all done on Saturday.

And CvS2 getting the same amount of time as Marvel and being in the morning is LOL. Messy.

EDIT:Real Sunday Sched:
11:00-12:30 People still asleep cause no one cares about TTT
12:30-3:00 CvS2
3:00-5:00 #reload
5:00-6:30 ST
6:30-8:30 Dinner/BYOC/Satsui no Box
8:30-10:00 T5
10:00-12:00 3S