Master stick builder looking for a partner to increase productivity

over the past year, due to the resurgence of sf4, i have sold many sticks which have been unanimously revered as batter than the TE stick. the main 2 reasons i feel that people say that is… 1) my sticks are made to order and can be created with no slant to the 6 button layout which is default in japan, all sticks coming from japan, and 70 percent of american stick builders use the same template. … i, myself, prefer the “straight 6” layout that anyone who has ever played a street fighter game should be familiar with… don’t get me wrong, i love jap parts, (especially seimitsu buttons) but i don’t understand this weaboo train chugging across america convincing players to ditch the layout they grew up with for a button/stick scheme created half a world away. if you are just getting into street fighter, i see no problem with you picking up a jap-style stick, but if you have been playing in american arcades for any period of time, wouldn’t it be smarter to stick to the sticks/buttons you have grown accustomed to?

… anyway… sorry for rambling… but i was wondering if anyone here(preferably someone in the southeast US) might be interested in making some ps3 and xbox360 pcb’s pre-wired with easy connect/disconnects to make my life easier while putting a decent amount of change in your pocket.

i have been making these sticks for years now and feel that my forte is most likely woodworking/ergonomic design, not soldering. i have soldered upwards to 30 sticks now and have had my fill of that process.

so anyone out there willing to pre-solder the internal workings of a stick and can send the finished product with quick connects so i can focus on building the sticks themselves instead of worrying about the electrical end of it.

now the good part… since i am basically looking for a partner in my work, (with over 50 sales together, some jap style, some usa) i am able to offer 2 different methods for you to earn what is coming to you… either we can agree to a flat rate per pcb($25 sounds reasonable)… this option would be for those who want their money quick and steady… OR… you could opt to take a percentage of the whole sale price of the stick(15 percent seems fair… to me at least). the least i’ve sold a stick for was $225 with all HAPP parts … $225 multiplied by .15 = right around $35, and that is just the minimum you would receive, and as i said, it is your choice as to how money ends up on your end.

thank you for your time,

P.S. - i am up for offers and discussion regarding your end of the bargain

I’m down with a batter stick than the TE. Got any pics?

I hope it’s the kind Long John Silvers uses…