Masterchef USA Thread "Go back to your station, I'm not tasting this crap"


This show has mad potential. The premiere alone made up for the lousy season Hell’s Kitchen has had. Watch it now!

Faygo tiers:

-Lemon Lime
-Root beer.

Garbage Tiers: Artic Sunflavor. IT TASTES LIKE SHIT!

That ex-brazillian soccer player chick was mad cute, but i wouldnt want the breakfast of loving from her lol!

‘funeral potato’ - appropriately named.

I’m surprised they gave that ADD software designer a chance. Ramsay felt insulted.

I know…it would’ve been more fun to see him weep home.
Arrogant fuck.

But does it really take 2 days to make Bouillabaisse?

Man, must suck for the contestants to have two hardasses lol

Rolled my eyes on the fat softie guy. I kinda already hate the fucking “Hell’s Kitchen editing” they are doing although I know for sure the emotion is there. I only saw the Faruq one and the Funeral potato one, but the Faruq one made me weep a bit…even though I know Ramsey is just playing the drama up big time. I don’t know if it’s with all of Fox’s reality TV shows but I really really hate the sensationalism of it all. It’s like 5 minutes of stuff happens, commercial break then a 2.5 minute recap of what happened before the commercial break.


Yeah I only just started watching Hell’s Kitchen during this season and I feel EXACTLY the same. FOX’s sensationalism is just ridiculous when you compare it to something like Top Chef. Even TC has it’s dumb drama moments, but it’s nowhere near as bad as hell’s kitchen and even this show.

Holy shit it’s Faruq… I guess I was wrong about them all being actors.

EDIT: So it turns out, Not only did Faruq commentate for MLG halo but he’s also done a bit of acting… heh.

That egg competition looked rough. Ramsay has it in for the software engineer. He was about to make the guy again.

I read this as the MasterChief thread.

After seeing the onion challenge…I realize that I cut onions quite horribly.
But then again, I don’t want to fucking cut myself every 6 chops.

Ramsay’s onion chopping demonstration was god like. He was no looking while explaining the cutting process. All 3 of the judges expect too much from the amateur chefs. During the egg competition, one of them pointed out that they had yet to see any type of 3 star skill level techniques applied to the egg dish.

All about Whitney.

Pretty interesting so far. I’ll be watching this show for sure. I hope it’s way better than this season of Hell’s Kitchen.

too much men crying

the southern belle is hella cute
the bald dude was mad hitting on her when he was talking to her

I’m surprised Million hasn’t caught on to this beauty gem yet (Whitney).

I just minced an onion in under 30 seconds for meatloaf a few minutes ago! :slight_smile:

Also, this show is complete trash as expected from Fox.