Mastering A-Groove?


I want to fucking learn how to use this groove…:confused:

so i would like to learn how to land safely CC’s , does the flash has any invincibility frames?, which chars exede on this groove?
and finaly a good team to start with?

i’m tired of playing C,N and K-groove so i thought i’d try something
more different:p

help appreciated n thanx in advance:D


it’s gunter’s site, and although it’s relatively outdated (but nothing big), it still has just about all the CC’s you’ll need. or just check the character specific threads and search for threads “from the beginning,” instead of the last 30 days.

CC’s have 5 invincibility frames before the flash. after the flash, there’s only 1 frame (1/60th of a second) where no inputs come out. in addition to the 5 invincibility frames BEFORE THE FLASH, the first 19 frames AFTER THE FLASH are also invincible.

good teams?

people say the best team in the game is A-sakura/bison/r2 blanka. but all of those characters are relatively advance in A-groove and bison and sakura require fast and continuous DP motions.

for a beginner, i’d recommend characters like rolento, cammy, chun li, eagle, geese, hibiki, KEN, vega, and terry. i’d recommend just using your characters you normally play in C/N/K grooves and learn their CC’s. it’s much easier to simply learn a CC instead of a whole new character + CC.

but practice those DP’s and learn bison and sakura:D


-Learn all the setups for ur characters to do cc’s…
-Learn the cc’s
-always build meter when u can
-learn when to avoid a counter attack after an activation…example…if ur going against a counter attack groove, just be extra careful. if not a counter attack groove, then guard crush their meter.


If you wanna be good at A Groove do NOTHING but practice with your team. IMO its best to START with A sak, bison, blanka so u get the practice in early.


yea, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. i can’t stress that enough. once you activate, it should be muscle memory when you’re doing the CC instead of actually having to think about it. learn each and EVERY setup into CC. sak/bison/blanka are so good because they all have AA CC’s, tripguard CC’s, guardbreak CC’s, ground CC’s, link/combo into CC, etc.

oh yeah, and don’t get baited into going for a tripguard custom unless you can SEE the attack from the other opponent. don’t activate hoping they’ll be dumb enough to jump at you AND stick out an attack while you have a full CC bar. it’s a wasted custom. you get some chip damage, and maybe a throw.

(it’s the old A-groove discussion, well worth the read)


I feel that Iori’s also quite a good beginning character, his CCs are easy to learn, and help you get into the flow.


I just want to stress what popoblo said… LEARN YOUR CC.

You want to be able to activate, then go on autopilot. You know how Supers always animate fully and BAM full hits?? That’s how you want your CC to be. That’s pretty much what it is… it’s your homemade super combo.

If you flub it up all the time, you’re wasting meter and leaving yourself open… why not pick another groove? I’ve got a friend who always picks Agroove, yet doesn’t CC for all situations, and sometimes messes up the ones that he DOES CC because he goes for the really hard-to-execute ones. Because of this, I don’t fear him in Agroove as much as in other grooves. Why would I?

If you can’t do the big damage but hard CC for your character, stick with the basic CCs until your really LEARN the good ones. At least you can actually finish them and get your damage…

That’s what training mode is for. :slight_smile:


i tried eagle in a-groove, i dont wanna say easy, but he was easier then bison doing AA all the time


thanx for the initial help, i guess i’ll use A-sakura/hibiki/R2 Blanka
or A-cammy/terry/hibiki R2. huge hours of practce awaits me but
i’m sure it will pay of with life draining combos:) i saw some vids here of combofiend vs valle and saw a good looking rolento CC
how the fuck he did that dunno but i guess the real concept of CC’s is learning to juggle:D


Don’t use Hibiki as a r2. The 1st team isn’t bad though… IMO though you should really just use Sak, Bison, Blanka from the start becuase I promise you that once you start using A seriously you’ll want to maximize your poential e.g. using the best A team.


In A groove there r characters u can use and characters u should use for easy cc’s and more damage.:

Should use:

Can use:

Everybody else.

Everybody has a good looking, good damaging cc. But those 7 are the best according to an extremely reliable source.
So just keep practicing. I’m making a combo vid soon…All A groove , every character except for 2 i think, all new cc for almost everybody.


Uh…Kyo, Eagle, Balrog, Geese, and Rugal also exceed in this groove, probably right under the “Top-Tier” in A-groove. Kyo has those strong customs and the ability to OTG an opponent. Everyone else has easy 8000+ damage customs. Rugal can activate off about 90% of his specials. Balrog would be much better in A-groove if people couldn’t duck the dash upper.


i’ll be looking forward to it:D by the way why i shouldn’t use hibiki r2? she seems good enough and her normals have god like priority.


all u have to do with Hibiki is make ur opponent jump and then do st. fierce. Thats all u really need to do with her to win…thats why she would be better as R1, it would be kinda like wasting a ratio…

Against good players u need to mix it up to get them to jump.
–dash in and out sometimes and keep the pressure on them when their in the corner. Other than that its all cr. jabs and strongs. Also in A groove, whenever u have the chance…ALWAYS build meter, i can’t stress that enough.


I think hibiki has a much more diverse game than s.fp for anti air. her ground poking is awesome, and her cc mixups/set ups are also very good. i dont use the character tho, so i cant go into too much more detail than that…


s.fierce anti-air against K-Groove WILL get you killed. Use c.fierce instead. It’s MUCH safer. If you forget and still use s.fierce, you can late 2-in-1 the close s.fierce into a running slash, but it’s much safer to use c.fierce instead.


umm does k-groove increases the moves priority?
by the way i saw your a-groove guide very nice combos but i wondered why some CC are called ground and others anti-air?
are the anti-air combos specifically for jumping opponents?
just some random toughts that’s all:D

i think i’ll start A-groove for real with A-sakura/hibiki/R2 Blanka or Cammy
keep posting!!!
and thanx!!!:smiley:


hey guys i’ve been playing with benimaru lately and went to his char specific thread searching for his CCsetup’s but found nuthing…:frowning:

so i was wondering?
can any of you please tell me his ground CC and AA CC setups?
thanx in advance:D


regular ground cc is st. strong xx forward + fierce x n, into any super…

just taking a guess at the AA…
try to do activate…(as they jump in) , dp + fierce, whiff down + short, super jump forward x n,this should bring u in the corner,then work some stuff in the corner like repeated qcf+ shorts or something xx lightning fist super.

u could probably combo off the down + rh kick in the air



sorry to act scrubby but what is a trip gaurd CC, maybe i know what this is, but I just dont know what the term means…