Mastering bnb combos is just half the battle

Sorry guys for creating a new thread but after playing Viper for a while i realise theres alot more to her than just mastering her combos…e.g. After i completed balrog’s challenge trials, i immediately took him online and mananged to rack up some wins immediately. Well i did the same for Viper and the result is opposite:crybaby:

So now Im starting to learn some setups or chains if you call it (e.g. x2,, TK feint, seismo feint, ex seismo, burning kick) which i would employ in my game and many other variations which i seen on youtube like the basic tk feint into grab.

I personally feel that to play C viper well, it requires me to learn this setups by hard plus the combos instead of just doing ‘random’ counter moves based on wat the enemy is doing :smile:. Its like we have a list of setups from #1 to #10 and you would try doing #2 or #9 or #10 depending on the situation and to make the opponent guess…Its not random at all

Im just wondering if you guys have the same thoughts as me?

learning bnb’s isnt even half the battle, its more like 1/4th the battle u still gotta train yourself to punish appropriately, learn all the match ups, and improve execution and also adding her more advanced stuff to your game, the combo doesnt always work due to shotos just mashing dp and if u mess up u eat a dp to the face. its a helpful combo to combo into ultra since its very easy to land def a must learn. but if your just starting with viper it takes many months to get decent with her. ive been playing her since console release and i still feel i need to be alot better even though i know my viper is good.

This should have been in the Q and A thread. Yeah Balrog is a dumb character so yeah you get free wins when you learn how to combo with him. Stop being dumb. No more posts or I’m getting this closed.