Mastering Gouken



Flip palm setups, tatsu loops,chicken wings, Fuertes bs and etc… List your most hated here!


gief bullshit…aka spd range




Hard knockdown from Akuma who has an ex bar for air fireballs and goes straight into a demon flip while you’re in block stun (threatening throw, dive kick, palm when you come out of block-stun). Can’t kongo it (since it’s two fireballs) and even if you double kongo, he’s already in the air so you’re running the risk of whiffing anyway. If you ex. tatsu you’re going to whiff due to block stun timing, or get stuff by the fireball if you do it too soon.


This is what i wanted to see these make it or break it scenarios.
If u got a link to some footage or can post a training room setup Id like to see an example or i will try to recreate in training later. Thx ! And good to see u back bro


Im assuming he tk’ed those fb too?


Kongo the second one.


I gotta say a really good Gief. I played Aquasilk the other day and he destroyed me. Granted, my kid was running around like a man child and I was a bit distracted but none the less I got blown up pretty bad. Once I got knocked down he mixed me up something serious. He did something different on my every wakeup. And I DESTROY Giefs. I was tatsuing, flipping, was scared to back dash because he’s infamous for U2. I was like he was grabbing me out of everything I attempted. 3 wakeup guesses - end of rd.1…3 wakeup guesses - end of rd.2


Aqua is dope.we should invite him to dojo one nite…


Cmon i know theres more out there…


the newest hate cycle is Cammy’s shenanigans.


Tell me about it in detail…

What Im hoping is for descriptions , or clips examples I can put into training dummy and try some workarounds…And stategize w yall…


I got so frustrated by this matchup that I actually youtubed a Cammy tutorial. She has crazy frame traps in cr.hp and TN EX Air drill…thingy ( I have no idea what the name is). I’ve pretty gotten a handle on her frame traps after getting blown up countless times but then I hit the wakeup wall. She can do her cross up REALLY late on our wakeup and this leaves the question mark of “is she gonna do an empty jump crossup into low or a deep crossup?”. On top of that she has dive kick shenanigans on our wakeup also. Anyway, I say all of that to say that after watching the tutorial the guy demonstrates how difficult it is to get her normal divekick to crossup on wakeup. I always fall for it because she can place it certain places and it LOOKS like a crossup but its not and I always block them as a crossup. So the guy’s advice was to always block them in the front until the player proves that he’s able to pull off a crossup one because of the difficulty. I’ve used this and it has worked wonders. Other than the divekick though, guessing on wakeup between frame trap cr.hp, TK EX divekick, throw and hooligan flip is a bitch man.


I have been forced to play on pad recently and it hurts…i react so slow to everything


Use the cr.MK crouch tech option (crouch LP, LK, MK at once). In most cases it will stuff her EX dive kick nonsense. It also works very well against Rufus’ up close dive kick mix ups.


It may also work against ex cannon spike up close


??? The srk thingy??


Yes indeedy. … It was a crouching normal kick Ive seen mk is what i recall


Are you landing this consistently? And more importantly, what versions did you beat out?


Em… Im pretty sure EX TKCS is made to blow up crouch techs…