Mastering the Mantis: Yang Combo Thread



Terminology and Abbreviations

LK = Light Kick (Short) :lk:
MK = Medium Kick (Forward) :mk:
HK = Heavy Kick (Roundhouse) :hk:
LP = Light Punch (Jab) :lp:
MP = Medium Punch (Strong) :mp:
HP = Heavy Punch (Fierce) :hp:
c. = A crouching attack. (c.lp)
s. = A standing attack. (s.hp)
cl. = An attack performed while close to the opponent (cl.hp)
f. / b. = Forward and back, respectively. (
db, uf, df, ub : Holding down-back, up-forward, etc. :db::uf::df::ub:
QCF = Quarter Circle Forward. :qcf:
QCB = Quarter Circle Back. :b::db::d:
DP = Dragon Punch; either refers to the motion ( :f::d::df: ) or an uppercut-sque move with high priority and invincibility frames.
> = Indication of a chain or link. (c.lp > c.lp >
xx = Indication of a cancel. ( xx Rekkas)
AA = Anti-air
U1 = Ultra 1
U2 = Ultra 2
Bnb = Bread n’ butter combo. Easy to do, good damage combo.

Check out for some more info on terms the SF community uses.

The Ways to Combo

All combos in SF4 are essentially performed in 3 ways: Chains, Links, and Cancels; and to a lesser extent, Juggles. This information is not necessary to know in order to do the combos, but it may help you understand just how they work. One combo may contain multiple links, chains, and cancels.

Chains: A chain is a series of normal attacks that quickly cancel into each other. Tapping c.lp 4 times quickly is a chain combo. Yang’s target combos are all considered chains.

Links: A link is when you wait for the animation of one attack to completely finish before beginning another attack. This can range from being easy to extremely difficult. An example is doing Guile’s c.lp > If you press these quickly, they will not combo. You must wait until the animation for the c.lp is finished.

Cancels: A cancel is the literal, ‘canceling,’ of a normal move into a special or super move. Many special moves can also be canceled into supers. This is done by inputting the command for the special within a few split seconds after your first attack connects with the opponent. An example is xx rekkas.

In SF4 a normal can only be canceled into a special if it was NOT chained from any previous normal. Doing xx rekka is very easy to do. However, doing c.lp > c.lp xx rekka tends to be much more difficult. This is because the second c.lp must be linked instead of chained.

Juggle: This can fit into the link category as well. A juggle is any attack that hits an airborne opponent who has been placed airborne by an attack.

Frame Data and Damage Scaling

A frame is 1/60 of a second. Frame data is a compiled list of information showing all the data for a character?s moves. This thread will not go into “why combo ‘x’ works because is ‘y’ frames and is ‘z’ frames etc.” However, know that there are many sources to find out this information.Eventhubs has an accurate guide. ( ) As well as SRK wiki. ( ) Eventually, these will be updated with Yang’s frame data.

You may be curious after seeing some advanced Yang 17 hit combo on why it seems like it does so little damage. This is mainly due to a system called damage scaling. The more hits you do in a combo, the less damage each consecutive hit will do. For example does 70 damage by itself. If you do c.lp > c.lp >, the may only do 55 damage. Note, that 55 is an estimated value, but it explains why doing massive strings of moves together can sometimes take a backseat to something as simple as 3 hits.

It should be noted that damage scaling applies only to an individual move. While Ryu’s f.hp hits twice, it only counts as one hit towards scaling. The same goes for guile’s super. However, a focus crumple attack (mp+mk) or an ultra will count as 2-hits towards damage scaling, causing your next moves to do even less damage. Another factor that goes into how much an individual hit may scale is how low your opponents’ health is. The lower their health, the less damage you will do.



-Main bulk of this first post came from Slinkun’s Guile Combo thread. If he minds me using it, just let me know and I’ll rewrite it all.


Yang’s Significant Normals

Far Standing Normals

: Yang’s jabs (3f) offer wonderful frame advantage (+4f on block; +8f on hit). On hit, Yang’s jabs link into (as a hit confirm), (as a untechable knockdown; 1f link), and both ultras (U1 being a 1f link). In addition, they provide enough block and hit stun to use as parts of a frame trap. When performing a hit confirm, s.lp whiffs on some crouchers (like Blanka, Chun…), so you make want to seek alternatives for purposes of hit confirming.

: Far fierce (9f) works well enough as a poke. However, it leaves Yang at a disadvantage on block (-4f); some characters can punish this poke with super (such as Chun-Li). Instances of this are relatively uncommon, but be aware of this fact in certain match-ups.

Yang’s far forward (7f) works well enough as an anti-air and a poke. In terms of being an anti-air, it often trades (it’s usually best to do this early on their jump or use it to tag an empty jump-in). It’s relatively fast (7f) and is useful for catching whiffs that or couldn’t catch.

Much like a shoto’s roundhouse, Yang’s roundhouse (10f) can work as a longer range poke in footsies and as an anti-air for when DP won’t reach. Similar to far fierce, far roundhouse leaves Yang at frame disadvantage. However, it leaves Yang at disadvantage on both hit (-4f) and block (-8f). Several characters have the potential to punish Yang’s on hit and block; this does not make an unusable move, but it is one that you need to use intelligently.

Close Standing Normals

: Close jab (3f) is the same as Yang’s far jab; refer to it.

Although not special cancelable, Yang’s (5f) offers interesting frame advantage on hit (+6f) and on block (+4f). This allows Yang to set up strong frame traps post dive kick (such as cr.lp,, It also provides Yang one of his strongest links:, (1f), and should be used as a punish or post-command throw. If it matters, can be canceled into Yang’s, hp, b+hp target combo (which is special cancelable). But, **** that ****; just do,

Close fierce (6f) can be used as an anti-air with some success, and can be used as a basic punish (cl.hp xx hp rekkas). Post command throw, some opponents are pushed too far away after a to perform a, xx rekkas. If this is the case, simply do a command throw, cl.hp (1f link) xx rekkas.

Although close standing short (3f) has the same animation as the far version, you’ll often use at a close distance. This move is special cancelable, and you’ll often find yourself doing and buffering a lp rekka in footsies. In addition, has good range for a close normal (and is only 3f!) and can be used in punishes (such as punishing a Fei who tagged you with a rekka too deep, or a Rose tagging you with a drill too deep). If you’re not comfortable with hit confirms ending with, you can end them with (distance permitting), I suppose. It also cancels into Yang’s,, target combo, but why the hell are you doing target combos? You aren’t Ibuki, and this ain’t 3S.

Yang’s launcher (7f). You can jump cancel with a forward, neutral, or back jump during the active frames (4) of if they hit. If you divekick at minimum height, this allows Yang to continue his combo with another launcher, an ultra, a DP, a reset, or a sweep. Another option is simply hitting the opponent in the air for a reset. In a latter section of this guide (the combo section), there will be a more verbose explanation of follow-ups for those interested.

Although a poor normal, I want to mention that (10f) has the same exact frame data as far roundhouse. That means you can be -8 at point blank if they block your Just don’t use that ****; really.

Crouching Normals

Similar to all of Yang’s jabs, except that crouching jabs are slower (4f) and provide less frame advantage on hit (+6, rather than +8).

Low fierce (9f) has the most active frames out of all of Yang’s normals (3(3)2), so can be good for punishing things like Abel’s roll. In addition, I’ve heard of individuals having relative success anti-airing with Yang’s cr.hp. Your milage may vary, but I suggest trying it yourself and seeing how it works for you.

Low short is quick (3f), special cancelable normal. In cases where a hit-confirm like, s.lp, would whiff (i.e, v. crouching Blanka), using, xx rekkas works well as a universal hit confirm.

Jumping Normals

Generally your best jump in because of its downward angle. Does the same damage as, but an easier angle to jump in with.

Yang’s best cross-up attack, and is part of the, df.k target combo. Although, df.k does the most damage out of any jump-in, dive kicks provide little hit stun and, df.k dilutes damage scaling. Stick to for cross-ups and j.hp for jump-ins.

Your best air-to-air normal. You can use this to jump-in with, but you have to do it later than j.hp. If is easier for you, have at is.

Neutral Jumping Normals

Decent neutral jump attack; use it for punishes. Not much to say here.

Same deal here. use nj.hp or, whichever tickles your tummy; they’re both the same in terms of damage.

  1. Torou Zan (Mantis-Style Slashes). :qcf::p: x3
    EX-Able? Yes. :qcf::p::p: x5
    FADC-Able? Yes
    Can be combo-ed into? Yes.
    Link-able? Yes.
    Armor Breaking? No.

Yang’s rekkas. Most of your combos will end in using some form of rekkas. The LP version is safe on block for the first slash only (-2f), and even then it isn’t entirely safe against some characters (namely grapplers). Against some characters, the first slash of MP rekkas is safe on block (-4). The first hit of HP rekkas is punishable by some ultras and supers on block (-6), along with DPs and other specials.

When ending a hit confirm, you have the option to use the first hit of LP rekkas to score some chip, meter, and push the opponent closer to the corner. If you confirm the opponent isn’t blocking, you can use HP rekkas to maximize the damage of your combo. More information concerning Yang’s hit confirms can be found in part 2 of the next post.

EX rekkas performs 5 rekkas, rather than 3. However, when more than three moves are used before the EX rekkas, the EX rekkas will actually do *less damage *than using HP rekkas. So, I (personally) wouldn’t suggest wasting meter on EX rekkas. However, they could be useful in getting that final bit of chip damage.

  1. Senkyuutai (Arcing Thigh Drill). :dp::k:
    EX-Able? Yes. :dp::k::k:
    FADC-Able? Yes; only the first hit.
    Can be combo-ed into? Yes.
    Link-able? Yes (after FADC’d DP, JC dive kick whiff, etc)
    Armor Breaking? No, but performs two quick hits that could break armor.

Yang’s dragon/roll kick; sometimes referred to as his DP. The lk version instantly kicks straight up, whereas the mk, hk, and EX versions roll across the screen before rising up to kick. The LK version is the only version that has immunity to hits (for the first five frames). All version are immune to projectiles (for the first 14 frames, approximately). FADCing the first hit allows you to backdash safely; the first hit of DP also launches the opponent and allows for potential juggles and resets.

The EX version does three hits, rather than two.

  1. Byakou Sushouda(White Tiger Twin Palm Strike ). :qcb::p:
    EX-Able? Yes. :qcb::p::p:
    FADC-Able? No.
    Can be combo-ed into? Yes.
    Link-able? Yes.
    Armor Breaking? Yes.

Yang’s palm strike. The lp version serves as a feint. The mp version can be comboed into. The hp version–albeit slow–leaves you at frame advantage on block (and works well for a meaty).

Palms are actually invisible projectiles right in front of your hand. So, any move that beats a projectile will beat your palm. Palms also can be used to cancel out projectiles because of this property. At full screen, you can elect to whiff palms in order to build meter (eight whiffed palms=1 meter).

EX Palm–though slower than HP–provides a wall bounce on hit. This can be used to combo further–potentially into a raw Ultra.

  1. Zenpou Tenshin(Forward Roll). :hcb::p:
    EX-Able? Yes. :hcb::p::p:
    Can be combo-ed into? No.
    Link-able? Yes.
    Armor Breaking? It’s a throw.

Yang’s command throw. Yang flips behind his opponent and can proceed to follow-up with a combo. This can be particularly good when your opponent is blocking during your super, and you notice they’re not focused on your throws.

  1. Kaihou (Convalesence). :qcf::k:
    EX-Able? Yes. :qcf::k::k:
    FADC-Able? No.
    Can be combo-ed into? No.
    Link-able? No.
    Armor Breaking? No.

Yang’s teleport. The EX version has what seems to be full invincibility to hits, whereas the other version have partial invincibility. This move is particularly good off a knockdown, and allows Yang to begin a mix-up.


1.) xx lp rekkas
Alternatives xx lp rekkas xx lp rekkas xx hp rekkas
cl.s.hp xx hp rekkas

Common Special Cancels (Explanation)

[details=Spoiler]These are the special cancels Yang will use most. These are the most basic combos Yang has; they’re simply placed here to let you become familiar with common moves Yang special cancels from.

A special cancel is where you cancel a normal move’s animation with a special move. Of course, the move has to hit.

Yang’s is a good poke that cancels into his special moves. Both and are quick (though limited range) pokes that special cancel and can be useed in punishing (i.e, Fei hitting with his rekkas too deeply can be punished with xx rekkas).

You can special cancel into other moves. Plausible ones are elaborated upon in section 2.[/details]

2.), xx hp rekkas
cr.lp, cr.lp xx hp rekkas,, xx hp rekkas
cr.lp, cr.lp, xx hp rekkas
cr.lp, s.lp, xx hp rekkas, s.lp, xx hp rekkas, cr.lp, xx hp rekkas (two 1-frame links)
cr.lp, s.lp, xx hp rekkas
cr.lp, cr.lp, xx hp rekkas (1-frame link)

Hit Confirms (Explanation)

[details=Spoiler]These are Yang’s basic hit confirms. Hit confirms are combos in which you perform two or three normal moves and watch to see if they hit. If they are blocked, you simply do not end your combo with a special move. If they hit, you can safely perform your special move.

HP rekkas was chosen to end these combos for damage purposes. However, it is not the only plausible options. You can end your combo with LP rekkas if you struggle hit confirming off of 2 or 3 hits. The first hit of LP rekkas if safe on block (unlike HP rekkas), so you can use that to hit confirm off of. MK roll kick is also a reasonable option. While it does less damage than HP rekkas, Yang knocks down the opponent closer to him. This allows Yang to pressure the opponent’s wake-up (rekkas knocks the opponent too far away, typically). In some match-ups, pressuring an opponent’s wake-up may be more valuable than getting a bit more damage.

When deciding on what hit-confirm to use, there are a few things to consider. Using to start off your hit confirms forces the opponent to crouch block, whereas cr.lp can be blocked standing or crouching. Yang’s s.lp does not hit all crouching opponents (such as Chun, Blanka, and Honda). In addition, the, cr.lp link and the cr.lp, link are both 1-frame links. Because of the relatively difficulty of these links (particularly seeing how you cannot plink the former, disregarding something silly like back-plinking) you may find it to be more useful to use a different variation of this combo if a combo like, cr.lp, xx rekkas (two 1-frame links) is too difficult. Besides, those two 1-frame links are only adding about 20 damage.

I personally suggest learning the, xx rekkas and, s.lp, xx rekkas hit confirms out of this list. But, your mileage may vary.[/details]

3.) cl.s.hp xx hp rekkas
Alternatives xx hp rekkas, xx hp rekka (1-frame link)

Meterless Punish Combos (Explanation)

[details=Spoiler]Yang’s basic punish combos. Keep it simple and keep the damage high.These are the combos you want to go to when you see a shoto whiff a SRK or when you land a level 3 focus attack.

As before, you can end your combos in a MK rolling kick. But, because these are meant as punish combos, HP rekkas was chosen simply for damage purposes.

If you struggle to do the link between, (plink it!) then it may be in your best interest to simply perform cl.s.hp xx hp rekkas.[/details]

4.) HP rekkas (second hit) FADC U1
HP rekkas (second hit) FADC dash U1
HP rekkas (second hit) FADC JC (whiffed) MK dive kick, U1
s.lp, U1, U1
FA lvl 3, dash, U1
EX palm (wallbounce) dash U1

Combos into U1 (Explanation)

[details=Spoiler]Yang’s U1 is an ultra that has several different ways of being comboed into. So, we’ll go down the list.

If you FADC the second hit of HP rekkas, you’re left at +10 frames (on hit). This allows you to go straight into Yang’s U1; this is a three-frame link, so it’s not too difficult… However, some individuals struggle with this combo. For those individuals who do, you can simply FADC into a This will launch the opponent and allow you to jump cancel and whiff a dive kick (or simply dash up) and perform your ultra.

Yang’s s.lp, on hit, gives huge frame advantage (+8) on hit. This allows Yang to combo a jab straight into ultra. However, this is a one frame link.

Off of any of Yang’s jumping hp or hk attacks, you can link straight into ultra (like nearly every other ultra in the game). Similarly, you can use a focus crumple for a raw U1.

Although Yang’s EX palm is a slow move, it provides a wall bounce (on hit). If you land EX palm, you can dash forward and perform a U1.

Also of note, Yang’s U1 has a relatively good sized hit-box in front of him. This means that you can use raw U1 as an anti-air or to beat certain special moves (like Yun’s EX lunge punch).[/details]

5.) HP rekkas (second hit) FADC U2
HP rekkas (second hit) FADC U2 (partial animation)
HP rekkas (second hit) FADC JC (whiffed) MK dive kick, U2 (partial animation), U2
FA lvl 3, dash, U2
EX palm (wallbounce) U2 (partial animation)

Combos into U2 (Explanation)

[details=Spoiler]Yang can combo into U2 in more ways than he can combo into U1 (because it is quicker), but his U2 does less damage and does not always receive the full animation. What determines if a full animation occurs is when the U2 makes contact. If U2 connects with the first grounded hit, you’ll receive full damage from U2. Otherwise, you’ll only get partial damage.

Since U2 is faster than U1 (by 4 frames), those who struggled with HP rekka (second hit) FADC U1 may find using U2 easier. But, your milage may vary.

When using or EX palm, you do not have to dash afterwards to hit the ultra. Instead, you can simply perform a U2 directly afterwards.[/details]

6., neutral jump (JC), (whiffed) LK dive kick,
Alternatives, JC, (whiffed) MK dive kick,, HK dive kick, JC, (whiffed) MK dive kick, U1 or U2, dash, U1, U2

Combos Concerning Yang’s Launcher (Explanation)

[details=Spoiler]Yang’s puts the opponent in a juggle state and allows Yang to jump cancel. Afterwards, Yang has a few options available to him.

Yang can neutral jump, whiff a LK dive kick, and sweep the opponent. Although this is a viable option, Yang doesn’t receive too much benefit from this untechable knockdown. But the option is available.

Yang can also use his to combo into his ultras. There are some further elaborations in sections 4 and 5 (for U1 and U2, respectively).

After a, you can whiff a MK dive kick and launch with a second Follow up options include using a HK dive kick (in which you can walk forward a bit and stay in front, or dash under to get behind), using (same mix-up), and using j.hp (this time, if you dash, you’ll stay in front of the opponent). These are a few of the set-ups off of a, but these are just a few examples.[/details]

7.),, xx rekkas
cr.lp,, xx rekkas

Frame Traps (Explanation)

[details=Spoiler]These are not combos. Instead, they work extremely well when your opponent is blocking and you’re wanting to make sure they don’t mash.

The gap between and is 4 frames. You’ll get a free counterhit if the opponent uses a move (inbetween those moves) that’s 4 or more frames (assuming their timing isn’t perfect, you can still get 3-frame moves).

The gap between cr.lp and is 2 frames. Also, the gap between and is 2 frames. This will let you get free counterhits on those individuals mashing jab.

These frame gaps are designed with the intentions of landing a, (which is one of Yang’s strongest, meterless links). However, these frame traps lose to someone mashing an invincible reversal, like an SRK.[/details]


GREAT! awesome thread name BTW. :tup:



The only other name option I had was, “I’M SO PRETTY: THE FABBBULOUS COMBO THREAD.” But, the name thing has been irking me; glad it’s acceptable.


The command for the command dash is wrong, or the command for the EX version of it is wrong.


Is there any footage of this being performed? Do you JC the roll kick on first, second or third hit?


sweet finally this is up, hp rekkas (first two hits) FADC, dash, U1

normal dash or command dash?


You can JC the roll kicks? Can you do stuff like viper’s SJC FA cancels?


Fixed it; thanks.

All the combos are ones Mago has mentioned.

Normal dash, I assume. Command dash would probably be too slow. Yet again, I extracted all of these from Mago.

You could JC specials and normals in 3S, so I assume you could.

#12,mk,hk - this is a confirmed target combo,hp, :l: +hp - confirmed target combo,:df:+mk - confirmed target combo

Also :qcb: :p: was listed as an armor breaker on the move list posted the front page a few days ago.


Good call. I forgot to mention his three TCs. I’ll put those in today.


actually they’re two different combos, it’s not cl.MK->roll kick, JC, dive ultra, it’s
command throw->MP->roll kick
command throw->cl.MK JC->dive whiff->ultra

unless you’re seeing something I’m not


I can see what you’re saying, but I’m not sure what he means. It’s pretty damn ambigious. We’ll just have to have someone test it out; the earlier I can is tomorrow, but I’ve a doctor’s appointment.


Command dash is QCF, Senkyutai is DP (at least according to the japanese movelist). Palm is QCB, not HCB. EX Command grab is HCB+KK, not PP. I guess a lot of these were spelling mistakes though.

Also, Super is QCBx2+P, U1 är QCFx2+PPP, U2 is QCFx2+KKK. I guess you just didn’t add them yet.

And I hardly doubt you can jump cancel Yang’s special moves (unless you have actually done it and know it works).


fixed it for ya :slight_smile:


Yeah, thanks. It’s like 4 A.M over here XD


A lot of these were typos, yeah. I typed this up at midnight when I couldn’t sleep. I’ll get to fixing it.


This guy is probably 99.9% right. The roll kick is probably NOT jump cancel-able. I have not played AE yet but I can almost guarantee that it is not. Mago listed two separate combos.

And I wonder if the close mk, whiff dive kick, into Ultra 1 connects fully for the Ultra. I hope it’s not a half-animation because that Ultra looks so sick. :frowning: