Mastering the Mantis: Yang Combo Thread

Using the currently available frame data for Yang on the SRK Wiki, HP Slash-2 FADC U1 is a two-frame link.

HP Slash-2 gives 30 frames of hit stun. So, the frame advantage after HP Slash-2 FADC is:
[]Frame Advantage = (Frames of Hit Stun) - (Forward Dash - 1) - (Uncancellable Frames)
]Frame Advantage = (30) - (18 - 1) - (4)
[*]Frame Advantage = +9
Yang’s U1 hits on the 8th frame.

Also, here’s a stupid, pointless, unnecessary combo I did the other day. I think I’ll be doing this (err, trying to do this) in training mode to get loose before playing:


You’re right; I’m re-writing most of the guide. I promise I’ll hit it.

30 frames hit stun? not 31?

active 2f. recovery 35f, on hit -6… thats 31, no? hmm oh and why dash 18-1?

i posted the same stuff on page 8 lol

pg 8


I had a long discussion with someone in the Newbie Saikyo Dojo about calculating hitstun and frame advantage after FADCs a long time ago, so maybe I’m misinformed? If I am, I’m sorry. This is what I have written down:

Calculating Hit/Block Stun:
Hit/Block Stun = (Active Frames - 1) + (Recovery) + (On Hit/Block)

FADCs on Hit/Block:
Frame Advantage = (Hit/Block Stun) - (Forward Dash Out of FA) - (Uncancellable Frames)
Frame Advantage = (Hit/Block Stun) - (Forward Dash - 1) - (4)

Also, come on, this is SRK. Nobody ever reads before the last page, even if you tell them to do so. :lol:

I guess I dont see reason of “active frames -1” part… Why minus 1? That and “dash -1”

I only minus one to calculate the total frames of a move(aka on whiff) since the last startup frame=1st active frame…

Funny though that we both ended with +9 frame advantage heh

Youre sure right about the SRK thing though LOL

I can’t really explain the (Active Frames - 1) part, but here’s the thread that I was talking about:

As for the (Dash - 1), here’s a copy and paste from the old SFIV wiki page:

For example, off Ryu’s Shoryuken:
[]normal forward dash: 18 frames
]shoryuken blockstun: 20 frames
[]forward dash out of a focus attack: 17 frames
]uncancellable duration: 4 frames
20 - 17 - 4 = -1
So Ryu is at a 1 frame disadvantage after a Shoryuken FADC.

Sorry for the thread derailment, everyone.

I think it’s because you can dash on the first frame so it should be excluded, or maybe there’s some overlap (like a frame being listed in two columns) that you have to account for…dunno.

All I know is people use to say you were at +10 after the FADC and not only do I agree with HFX’s math, but I actually spend a looooong time in training trying to link a afterwards, to no avail.

I can confirm that hp rekka x2 FADC does not link.

Thanks str[e]ak - that’s incredibly helpful and I actually understand frame data a little bit now! I’ve pulled it off a few times in training now but I think I’m still a long way off actually landing it on anyone in a proper fight. I’ll keep practicing : D

Does anyone have any tips for the to st.lp link? I can’t do it consistently and there’s no way to plink lp.

It’s a 1-frame link. Just use a short if you intend to cancel into a special. Yang should be able to chain cancel his shorts IMO.

Chained shorts would be broken lol They need to be linked otherwise Yang would be wayyyy to easy to play. The cr. shorts links isn’t that bad to begin with.

How would being able to chain from shorts be broken? Almost every character in the game can do it.

What’s a good combo involving mp.palm FADC?

I’m having an issue doing the combo cr.jab, st.jabx2, cr.forward, xx rekkas. My issue is a lot of times I get a cmd dash after the cr.forward and its really annoying me. Watching my inputs I only tap forward once. Its giving me an annoying neg edge effect and i don’t understand why. I tried delaying my motion input for rekkas but I drop the combo when I do. Any tips?

your holding down the too long, thus giving u the negative edge input

You need to either hold the mk button down until after you’ve pushed a punch, or release the mk button before you start the qfc motion.

cr.lp,,st.lp, Untechable knockdown combo into sweep that is character specific. Haven’t checked exactly who it works on but I know it does. Really decent option against characters that have shitty reversals.’

Also forgot to mention for whoever doesn’t know this. When you DP in the corner and they are high enough, you can ultra 2 without needing to spend meter on fadc.

Close Fierce/Crouching Forward xx strong palm FADC ~ close jab ~ close fierce xx roundhouse roll kick does 336/326 damage. When hit-confirmed with two jabs after a divekick, the combo drops to 289 damage.

You can also do a full U2 after palm FADC for much more damage than slashx2 FADC U1 would do.

Omg. Why does Yang have to be so hard to use?