Mastery of a Character

  1. when you play matchups by the book, know all your options and play the percentages when it comes to choosing what to do **and **can go toe to toe with the best.

  2. execution and reflex barriers requires to play certain characters

  3. only know how to play honda and blanka and i’d say theyre the same difficulty to master


You can’t master a character in street fighter. You can work towards mastering your characters exicution of moves and combos. I feel this means you can make your hands make the character do what you want 100 out of 100 times. You should also learn all your match-ups vs high level players and try and understand what they are going to be doing and how to counter that.

I would say the hardest part is not the exicution it’s the finding of high level players to learn all the match-ups. I think this is why the Japanese players tend to be better because the arcades are packed with the best 7 nights a week nothing like that in the states. Good luck.


Ok, but not really. If someone was at that skill level, they basically would have to have been playing the best. And someone would have heard of them by now.


not everyone is able to make themselves known throughout the world or in large regions as easily as you make it sound.


1 - You can learn every single combo for your character, but you can not master your character if you can not apply your strategy, learn your match ups, and learn you mistakes of the past, and overcome those mistakes for the future.

2 - Each character have different sets of abilities, hinderances and advantages, thus having characters that are harder to master than others.

3 - In my opinion this is I think this list should go from hardest to easiest :

El Fuerte


I find it interesting that Elf and Dhalsim are my alternate characters. Why do I always want to learn the most difficult characters??

But yeah, it’s not secret that each character requires their own learning curve.