Mastery of Fei long by Redwolfx Street Fighter IV





wow why would you upload that…


Did you used 5 ex bars on your last ultimate combo? And it’s not really a combo vid. It seems more like a training video showing some attempts at combos.



Ugh I need some kind of miracle or I’ll become deaf and blind…cough**gag

Edit: Kay, think I’m fine…

First, did you watch the video? Seriously? Pretty much all of those are not "combo"s, and your (many) replies in the Youtube comments are pure bullshit.

“Even if Mid way through the moves I know you will counter it I will wait for you to do a mistake and Then continue on.
And read the my post to understand. If your Dense to not fully understand whats shown, I pity you.”

I mean, seriously?

Second; it’s impossible to listen to the video. Shrieks abound, music useless (shrieking is louder). It wouldn’t surprise me if viewers’ ears would bleed.

Third, video sucks. Cut all the crap about Fei Long taunting, nobody gives a fuck and it just adds more shrieking and pain. Also, you probably should get some better recording equipment, or at least center the TV probably. Also, red font on black is horrible.

Finally, I just want to say that there is absolutely no positive thing I can think of about the video.

Disclaimer: I know very damn well this post could be considered trolling, but I don’t give much fuck, this video deserves it.


At least he tried…


Such an horrible video i cant believe i even bothered watching a few seconds of that. Posting a BnB combo would of been better and in fact from watching that video it seems you cant even do a bnb combo.


I’m happy I watched this cause it makes me feel better about myself.

I’m usually a nice guy when it comes to commenting on people’s videos, but seriously wtf were you thinking? Poor quality and annoying taunts aside, there’s nothing practical/impressive here at all.


Nice combo vid but I think the last combo used more ex bars than normal since it’s on infinant. Also long combos into ultras is kind of not worth it cuz the Ultra loses it’s effectivness, i’d save the ultra for more obvious uses like countering their ultra if possible.


This has to be a joke, right?

Please tell me I’m getting baited.


Mastery? FAIL


Holy shit, this is the best fei long I think I’ve ever seen. =)


Hey man,

Pretty cool shit. I always thought SF IV was garbage until I saw this vid.

Maybe I’ll pick it up.

Then maybe I’ll travel around the world collecting skills, I want to catch 'em all.

Eventually I will see you in a tournament and we will battle.

Then we will see who is the SF Champion!





haha,wow. The comments he left on his own video are hilarious.





This thread makes my day.

This clearly is the best Fei Long player in the galaxy…:wasted:


Tried…and failed.


That video was hard to watch because of the terrible quality in sound. The shrieking was giving me an aneurysm.


yahhhh ummm your twisted logic and forms of manipulation are pathetic at best. You have some skills…but you are not a master. I would love to see how bad you truthfully get punished after somone simply blocking one of your “unblockable combos”. Just another classic case of getting too excited over general gameplay knowledge. I think im going to go make a few vids now…like:

  • a vid of me magically sticking plasma grenades to people in halo 3. MASTER!
  • a vid of how I figured out how to super cancel an ex shoryuken into shippu on 3s with ken. I’ll teach you if you want
  • a vid of me showing how to eat cereal without a spoon. no worries I’m a master so it wont spill

and just so you dont say “It’s not like you can do any better!”

here is my vid of fei-long