Matador Video Thread



[LEFT]I decided to just put tourney vega videos in here to make it easier to search for specific players.
Thanks and much appreciation to Bebop3000, and everyone else for posting videos in the other thread of Vega players. Just wanted to put them in here to save time.


120 Vega matches


[media=youtube]w8smRPX-QQA[/media] (vs Zangief)

[media=youtube]N9hp9Dxt-JM[/media] (vs Dhalsim)

[media=youtube]DMKiukJ6Rhg[/media] (vs Sagat)

[media=youtube]kuYxoJmM0Rw[/media] (vs Chun Li)

[media=youtube]pVhIq411Z80[/media] (vs Guile)

[media=youtube]NytB9ENrOwM[/media] (vs C.Viper) <---- !!!Kaqn!!!

[media=youtube]X2_sJcZwG-8[/media] (vs Zangief)

[media=youtube]Qfl8VHtq_Aw[/media] (vs Sagat)

[media=youtube]7NPuJ6KE5_o[/media] (vs El Fuerte)

[media=youtube]XRnG3_rlSBM[/media] (vs Zangief)

[media=youtube]Cj_S_penHvY[/media] (vs El Fuerte)

thanks Bebop3000.


[media=youtube]BoYiM1GlQ6w[/media] (vs Chun)
[media=youtube]rE3d3VYrXy0[/media] (vs Chun II)
[media=youtube]KU3LksDJdN4[/media] (vs Ken)


[media=youtube]2ZqmUtmz_CM[/media] (vs Fuerte)

Nagata Lock II:

[media=youtube]VcKEvZzTr2w[/media] (v Spiral Guy 1)
[media=youtube]-_cPbbPyHj4[/media] (v Spiral Guy 2)
[media=youtube]67OFC5pd168[/media] (v Spiral Guy 3)
[media=youtube]ep8yPWiv_60[/media] (v Spiral Guy 4)
[media=youtube]o6UooQeb8Es[/media] (v Spiral Guy 5)


[media=youtube]xRU4E_H7ymE[/media] (vs Team combofiend 1)


There are a few more recent vids in that Youtube account from tournaments.

I’ll take this opportunity to say that I am pretty much giving up on Claw. Spending time playing some other characters just showed me how limited he is. Watch for some crazy ass claw vids in the future though from that guy playing Chun Li in those sigged vids. That’s Deezo and the guy is a freaking fighting game machine. Apparently his Claw is crazy (like actually crazy and all over the place.) Haven’t seen it yet though.


Is that so : (? Sorry to here that me however I will be rocking several characters but mostly Fei-Long and Vega as I did in ST. But only these Fei, Claw, Gen, and Sakura. Cammy maybe? But I don’t like maining over 4 characters in any fighter.

Well see you around, bull territory.


Nisepachi’s video against Guile reminded me of the same exact thing that happened to me at CTF. Once Guile corners Vega, it is so fucking hard to get out of that situation.





[media=youtube]a4zSvXmEIB0&feature=channel_page[/media] (Sev is in this one too)


Why yes, as a matter of fact, I do hate claw mirrors >.>


None of you guys (except Bebop) use the crossover EX sky high claw.

For shame.



The old trick of using Walldive specia/super right next to the opponents corner always gives your opponent a WTF do I do reaction =D


EDIT: nm




I guess I’ll break down why you guys were losing, in case you, or other people didn’t know:

-Walldive more. This wont only build meter, but it will pressure Gief to rush at you to stop your meter building, since Vega + meter = a dead russian.
-When you have the lead, make Gief come to you. You guys are rushing Gief waaaay too much. The whole point of this match is to keep Gief away from you.
-Please, please, please, add some more mixup to your df.rh game. Good Gief’s (apparently not UltraDavid :wink:) are gonna get wise to the whole jump back fierce game, and when you’re setting it up. UltraDavid should know by now, but that jump back fierce shit can be punished badly. All the more reason to TURTLE MORE! Like, if you guys land an izuna drop, you don’t ALWAYS have to sit in his face and wait for him to wake up (so that you can do the little gimmick jump back fierce). When you know he can’t quick get up, walldive for meter. Hell, even if he does, what’s he going to do? NOTHING!
-I own UltraDavid :bgrin:

I dunno, maybe it’s because I play Oro (since this match is VERY similar to Oro v Hugo) that I understand how important turtling is in this match. shrug

p.s. I <3 UltraDavid

p.p.s. No Oro :wink:


It’s true, I’m at a 0% lifetime win rate against Bebop. How do I punish jump back fierce, standing roundhouse or something? I’ve tried ex hand and it hasn’t worked.

Also, I stand by my statement that Claw’s super is inescapable for Zangief.


EX hand should always hit… It’s probably just a matter of timing.

Yet another reason why Vega v Gief is a dumb matchup.


Should always hit, or you’ve seen it hit consistently?


Should always hit, as far as I know.

Vids of me playing Kurt, a local SoCal Chun player:



So you can hit with the scarlet twice? Nice to know that now.


And here I was wondering why you didn’t use EX moves at all. Why isnt people reacting to your Super? I would understand if it were like ST where you don’t see the flash, but here Vega shines like a god and they still don’t do shit about it. Is Vega’s throw range that big during super?

So after watching this…would you guys say Super>EX or EX>Super or simply a mix of the 2?


It depends on the character, and how much meter you have. If you’re playing a character that can get out of your walldives for free, I’d stick to the EX. Also, I prefer EX over Super if I have 2 or less bars; 3 or more and I try to build for super.

Here’s me playing one of the US’s best Balrogs, Gootecks:


p.s. all but 1 EX flip kick was by accident. those were intended to be EX walldives. anyone else have that problem from time to time? sigh


Soo… you haven’t actually seen it work? Cause it hasn’t worked for me the 2-3 times I’ve tried it.

Edit: time and again in that match against Ryan you switched out something effective (ie walldives he couldn’t reach or when he was walking, zoning with normals) for something ineffective (ie random punch dives, walldives when he was crouching, random ex moves). And you kept putting yourself close to him with jumps and walldives even when you had a lead. Why? I think you would have taken the match if you’d kept it simpler.