Matador Video Thread



First footage of Reiketsu in USFIV:

Oops. This one is probably the actual first one:

There is also this one:

(at the 00:56 mark of this video you can see Reiketsu using B-link in the japanese arcades)


is the start considered a select button? or do they normally have a select button on their cabinets?


Seems like you can blink with start too. So the s-link here is actually start-link. :stuck_out_tongue:


oh that makes sense. pressing start on cabinets don’t do anything anyway. i’ll try this in the arcades next time, it looks pretty cool, haha


Look quite painful though… Nothing to get used to.


Friend made this video for me using the new super change & focus system. Looks pretty cool.


i’m more interested that you joined 12 years ago than the video O.o


lol I’m an OG member that doesn’t really post here anymore.


… just to come back for the glory of Ultra-Vega. I can’t think of any better reason! :slight_smile:


Just a shot in the dark here, OG Apoc?


Nope, im not Apoc.
Just a random OG.


More Reiketsu @ 40:30 Sadly he seem indeed bored with Vega since he also plays Yang later in the stream ;/

Some observations:

-With Red Focus Cancel every jab late in the round leads indeed to an Ultra. But thanks to damage scaling (three hits minimum before the ultra, including the focus) this is in no way game breaking.

-EX RCF still combos as it should

-No change in EX FBA knee-hit hitbox, still whiffed n a crouching Ken

-You reach BBB rank at 18k and A+ rank at 24k BP :wink:






5 hours, twitch tools, here I come!


I am so X-site hk can red focus into ultra…that means its possible to c.lp … red ultra all the time.


you know you’re a legend when mago invites you to play him and you just ignore it. <3 makoto




mago is on makoto’s friend’s list. he logged on and invited makoto for games, makoto just went “fk this shit, i want to restore my dignity by stopping this dudely beat down!”"


Ah in the recent stream? I only watched his CH->U2 Tests on various characters so far.