Matador Video Thread



Dropping jab links all over whereas our SRK heroes never miss it, pull it every time online and saying the jab buff was needless. Oh Makoto when will you become a good player? sarcasm off


Reiketsu USF4 Mataches from the 5v5 tourney thing.

Reiketsu vs Ryu- 02:31:35

Vs Guile- 02:34:50 (New jf. HP tech against Guile with no use of knockdown to dodges Flash kick?)

Vs Elena- 02:36:55 (Im just now noticing him using DWU in this match)

Vs M.Bison- 02:40:45 (Looks like Vega can now trade with bison with a cr.lp after a blocked lk scissor kick and won’t get counter hit like before due to bison SK nerf and it looks like the trade dmg is in Vega favor. After ther first one Bison stopped throwing a low kick out after SK, Reiketsu continued to jab after lk SK pausing his pressure. Bison tested out psycho crusher after a blocked lk SK to beat vega cr.lp)

Vs Ibuki- 02:43:55 ( really up close cr.lp > xx lp RCF still doesn’t combo and then Reiketsu tries xx lp RCF and it still doesn’t combo, I thought xx lp RCF worked from all ranges?) sad face

Vs Yang- 03:42:35

Reiketsu vs Ibuki/Dudley/T.Hawk/Ken all in order (Knee launch super on T.Hawk)


haven’t really checked if it is known but here is an
EX.FBA crossup setup, description tells on which characters it works:
df.HK x2 (quickrise)

df.HK x2 (no quickrise)


there are other setups that i think are more reliable then these ones. good find though. fyi quick rise can be delayed up to 5 frames, so or high level players, these don’t work, and you can possibly get ultra’d


oh right! didn’t really kept that in mind, i knew there could be some delay but wasn’t sure about how many frames.
it’s more of a gamble then ^^ so would you advise hard knockdown setups instead?


i’d advise “alternate” setups. hard knockdown setups will be a gamble when ultra arrives anyway


Me versus EG.Momochi in tournament last weekend.

Seemed like he was going to win, had to adapt a lot and some mistakes from both sides… but if you dont respect my scarlet terrors, you will get hurt even if you do beat some of them clean :stuck_out_tongue:


7:45 and that’s why you learn to air grab with mp/hp/hk just in case :stuck_out_tongue:

i love the ending, it’s like the scream killed off the video, haha. i’m surprised a ken of his calibre hasn’t learnt to punished ex wall dives :confused:

the real win is that you frustrated momochi :smiley:


Nor know how to jump at him. Whats funny is when I say that people do not know the Claw matchup everyone thinks I am crazy and goes like: “Wut? Claw has been in the game for 6 years!”.

But I am not taking away your credit, Emersion. GGs.


Ken’s OS sweep not fast enough to catch vega’s back dash at 5.26 after ex.tatsu, good to know that.


Every scarlet terror in that video is a muleta you hold out to Momochi to stab him afterwards. He rushed at them all blinded with rage. Nice job



This Sagat has strong footsie, excellent mind game, godly throwing, overpowered strategy, powerful timing execution :v


Good mixups by the sagat.


fml i swear…


Played a FT5 Vega mirror money match at our local monthly last night here in Vancouver! I won’t spoil the ending in case anybody wants to watch it!


Just to help the community of Claws, and say good bye to some setups because Ultra is almost there, I did a setup/combos/unblockables videos with help of haztlan and others stuff that I found on the internet~

Hope you guys enjoy :smiley:


Dont think this has been posted. Reiketsu dominating hard here:


What kind of a reaction time does Reiketsu’s brain have? That counter-hit just blew my mind. Did he just threw it out hoping its a counter-hit or did he just saw the counter-hit message and did the ultra, I really want to ask him. Because the second one seems impossible.


I think the latter, but it might help if he had noticed a habit and been extremely prepared for it. Doesn’t U2 also have 1f less startup in Ultra? That would help as well.