Matador Video Thread



No, you’re overestimated him, because he had planned to do it before jumping in. Do u notice he delayed the after jump in HP? I can feel it because I often do it, this frame trap is way safer than CH . Frame trap leads to ultra is not rare in Street Fighter 4 history

By the way, I think we should learn it too


It’s not that hard to “counter hit” confirm a crMK, really. Go at training mode and set counter hit and block to “Random”. You can confirm the ultra by seeing the counter hit.


what a stark contrast between him vs gamerbee and zeus vs gamerbee. or maybe it’s just usf4 taking effect on the matchup…


Zeus vs Da Feet Lee’s Decapre at the end.
Couldn’t count the times he drops the “they are too easy” jabs links.


Most likely the former.


There are 3 parts to doing this consistently.

#1 You expect the counter hit. The counter hit can be expected when you are frame trapping.
#2 You buffer the U2 input. This is done because you can’t wait for #3 before doing the input. You buffer regardless.
#3 You identify you landed a counter hit. You see the message appear on the screen, and because you’ve buffered, all you have to do is press KKK when you see the message appear on the screen. If no message, then you don’t press KKK

But in order to do this you must first be able to hit confirm. If you cant identify a hit or block within the window of the cMK, then landing this will be purely out of luck in a real match.


Whelp… here is my spotlight:

The replays are a bit old since I did not used to play that much at XBL (what I have recorded there are only sets that I wanted to watch it later).
But the gameplay is good enough to watch it, imo.

And here is another ft10 of mine against Keoma (Abel):


if you don’t have 20k bp, you ain’t brazilian…

that keoma, what a comeback, was so close. surprised he didn’t use roll to ultra your wall dives in the earlier games.

would like to see you playing internationals some day, maybe evo! and star as well! you guys are awesome.


Well, we play once in a while, he used to roll > U1 everytime… but then I started to try to mess up his inputs, so more often than not he was whiffing a EX FS. By then he started to like a reversal jiHK more, since its a guaranted punish mid-screen and it gives a great left/right/up mix up.
But yeah, roll > U1 is the right answer to it imo. It’s just too scary. If I was an Able player and the Claw managed to screw up my ultra inputs I’d just give props to him and try again the next time. That shit is too good.

Btw, Abel-Claw is going to be an absolute HELL in USIFV. Wait and see… wait and see.


Damn that interview is in Portuguese - at least give us a summary


Although it already is, I agree. I think you’re talking about cst.hp “fix” of Abel that was whiffing us after a stepkick. Yeah. It will be 7-3 it seems.
Still waiting for a mod that could implement MK fatalities to SF. Want to do the Baraka spinning fatality to Abel, Cammy, Rufus and Ibuki. What a joy that would be…

On a side note, I’d really like to see you against a legit Sagat. You use so incredibly much forward motion that we’re practically playing different characters.
And my Abel opponent always use U2. I think it works charms on Vega.


In the description you can see a link to the english version. Here it is for you:

What I said about Claw in USFIV was prior jiLK crossup and clMK with FSE announcement. So my mind changed in that matter.

@Gross_Indecency‌ that is not the only problem.
Buffed EX CoD startup will now make our buttons much more unsafe.
Abel will now confirm off crLPs into EX CoD.
Abel will probably be able to CoD > Second Low xx EX RF Ultra.
Abel will be able to CoD > Second Low stMP(or crLP) xx EX CoD.

It’s hard to predict how a matchup will turn out when the game did not even released yet, but 7-3 seems to be a good shot.
So, yeah, to beat Able consistently it seems that you will NEED a tool to beat CoD in the first hit possible. Otherwise you will be forced into a bad guess every single time you block that move. (3f SRK moves, Ibuki’s U1 and so on). Decapre will not have that… I’m hoping that her can make Abel guess more times than him to make it up for it.

And, well, by Sagat… I think that I have a pretty solid gameplan against them. The last two times that I have faced the best Sagat of my country I went 10-1 and then 10-0. A couple of matches were really close and ended in a clutch moment, so it wasn’t COMPLETELY free, but anyway, that MU is not a problem to me at all.


lol my bad, thanks for that :wink:


Don’t crouch block Decapre’s U2, it crosses up



I’ve just come to post that :confused:




Damn it! I was just practicing my FADC combos and the timing on the cancel is totally different. You used to have to focus x dash the last hit on all of the rcf commands and continue for max damage. Now you have to wait for the last hit to confirm then FADC. My muscle memory is taking over and won’t allow me to adjust. FML.


Dont walldive versus decapre if she has ultra its free


I’ll just have a seizure