Matador Video Thread



she’s a charge character, won’t be too much a problem


Zeus in action, frame trap to and exred focus ultra in real match


what is that sagat doing…


I don’t really play anymore but here’s some of my finds hope you guys enjoy it


Thai Vega, u are my favorite Player since Vanilla, why currently u do not show up


I had a good run when i was competitive, I just can’t juggle between work and practicing to be good. I do still enjoy playing casually though :slight_smile: and thanks! I’m glad to hear that I was a favorite player for you :slight_smile:

I’ll come up with more set ups and stuff for the vega community though! everyone should practice the cross up super though! super easy and can be ambiguous! There was other stuff i had but I was lazy to record it haha



i thought japan isn’t getting usf4 on consoles till august…


Making use of everything new:


My favorite thing about Ultra is we have have excellent punish combos depending on how much bar you have. 3 bars used to be kind of awkward for vega if you were looking for max damage


in this Vega some tricky cross-up setups have been used, for example izuna drop, forward dash ->–> cross-up LK


An hour of Zeus footage. Against: EMP Santhrax, Mike Klitschko, BIFU Spab Rog, PIE Smug


holy shit that’s the longest set I’ve ever seen.


Neo Makoto (Makoto 0124) current fight, at 18:01:

Not much setup to watch, but anyway good fight



Ah good old PSN - the place were you can’t even hit meaty crMK - crMP links consistently but cross up EX-SHC becomes unblockable…


There! The thing I’ve always wondered is in that video.

Look at 2:00. Vega hits, and you see Bison’s being hit animation. But Vega does no damage.
What’s that?


When you leave the wall after a FBA and press punch + directional this happens:
1st frame a hitbox AND a grabbox appears. Grab box is to grab people and the hitbox one is used to combo after EX FBA. They both have the same size.
2nd frame there is no active frames at all.
3rd frame until 13th there is the big horizontal hitbox of the Claw slice.

At 2:00 he traded the hitbox of Izuna Drop that grabs people on combos. And yeah, that’s right, HITBOX, not grab box. That happens because the hurtbox of the opponents moves is usually bigger than the throwable box. So our grabbox can’t reach their throwable box to win the trade, but the hitbox that is considered a strike can reach their hurtbox that is bigger.

It’s pretty much the same thing that happens when you trade a jump in with Abel’s Falling Sky.

These moves are considered as strikes (not throws, remember - you can’t combo into throws) that trigger an animation and the damage is only applied at the end of said animation.


I sure didn’t know that and far mp were super cancellable. I did but this third combo is VERY hard to do as a whole.
About the first video: How did the level2 focus hit cancelled from ex.roll? Isn’t the hitstun same?


We have +2f hitstun and +2f recovery on EX RCF.
Every move that you can cancel into focus you can cancel into Super.