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hit stun was increased by 2 frames, but recovery was also increased by 2 frames. i guess this is enough to make ex roll combo into level 2 focus. not sure how the maths work though…original hit stun is 20+4 frames, now it’s 22+4 frames…but lv2 focus starts in 29 frames…do not compute…

don’t think it’s viable, seems like a frame perfect thing though. not exactly sure


I am not sure if you guys saw my match vs Snakeeyez at SDCC this past weekend, but here it is:

A few faults on my end. I think I should have air-to-air’ed his jump-ins a little more, but I was more focused on holding down the ground game.


Your main fault is you have chosen the wrong Ultra. You always go with U1 against any char. I can count at least 50 jump ins that you could punish with U2 and take the round. Choosing U1 gave him the confidence to jump in freely. You never even used U1, because it is completely worthless in this MU. I remember you also choosing U1 against PR Balrog at last year’s Evo, and the only time you tried to use it, you utilized ex.fba to back wall instead. I think you should give up whatever emotional connection you have with U1. Its only good against some chars, but Zangief demands U2 definitely. U1 is one of the worst ultras in the game whereas U2 would make you take the match. Because your footsies were on point (except for trying to cr.hp every jump in and getting hit by huge combos) and you made good reads. He just jumped in again and again knowing you had nothing to do against it.


I know I’m taking the high road when saying this, but U2 is not the answer. At least for my style.

That ultra takes a toll on my game plan. I can’t concentrate when I have it. Instead of using reactions and concentration on footsies, anti-airs, and air-to-airs, I have to wonder whether or not the opponent will empty jump (or safe jump, in some cases) to bait my U2. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a Vega’s solid game plan turn to crap once he gets U2. So many players get fixated on it. It’s like they get tunnel vision.

So why bother?

Vega can keep Zangief out using his other tools. You know, the tools that got me as far as I did. Even if I did select U2, I would only be able to use it once, and that’s only if I had landed it successfully.

U1 works great against Zangief. It’s too bad I couldn’t show it during the match. Anytime Zangief headbutts, you can U1 towards the wall and hit him on his way down. This is due to this massive hit box. You can also go for a fake izuna grab, baiting the lariat, and punish with U1. I don’t do this because Snakeeyez always does st.lp to knock me out of the air.

But yeah man, I know I take the not so popular vote here, but I just can’t do it. Maybe I’ll change it up one day, but for now, I’m sticking with my sweet love, U1.


never jump at gief, unless he has less than 100 of life. back dash too much. stay at a just outside range. when on life lead, poke when he pokes. stop using cr.lp hit confirm when you haven’t modded your stick to plink it. some more instant overheads. don’t guess to anti air, react to it. instant neutral hk. ultra his blocked greenhand.

and that’s all i have to say about that. why u1 though? i’ve been seeing zeus using it as well.


Shoutouts to the Mask Pick Up command making Claws lose rounds.

I don’t think that you should ever stop trying confirm crLPs. If you do that your offense will be too much based on guesses. You have to do it, no matter what. Dropping the combo eventually is definitely better than never land it.

Air to air gief is generally not the best idea since his jiMK has outstanding 10 active frames. He can press it early enough to air to air your air to air attempt and still make you block standing. Sure, from some distances you can definitely make it work, but just out of the crMP distance (which is the most common scenario), it’s very hard to air to air gief. Hard to the point that you need to do exactly what you are saying about U2. But thats how SF works, you can’t focus on everything that the opponent is doing. Daigo for instance, he can whiff punish Cammy’s crMK on reaction with his sweep. He can also DP a EX Cannon strike that was done pretty close. But he can’t do both at the same time, he can only focus that much on one thing. He has to guess what the opponent will do in order to confirm visually and then react appropriately.
And to be honest, react with U2 against a jump in is pretty easy.
Regarding U2 not beating empty jumps: Well, you are playing Claw. Your most used AA is faith.
When Gief jump and you try to crHP, you have to hope that crHP will not get eaten alive by his jump in or, if he is far to the point where crHP can never be beaten, you hope that he is not empty jumping to make your AA whiff.
When you use a very early EX ST you are praying that he is not doing an early jiMK to beat it clean etc.

The thing with U2 is that you make the jump decision harder for gief. If he empty jumps he WILL get nailed by ST, stHK, air to air or crHP. If he jumps with something to beat those options… he can get hit with 435~495 dmg.
The risk/reward factor for jumping starts to get a little trickier for Gief. THEN you will actually have some ground game to focus with.

But think I understand you think, even though that it’s not exactly what you were takling about, I already had similar problems. Trying to AA a character with dive kick/jump tatsu and losing my ultra meter for free etc. But we have to realise that we (and pretty much any character) have different options for AA for different matchups.

Anyway, ask snakeyez what he thinks it’s better:
To face a Claw that has U1, so he can focus more on the neutral game while Gief can jump the buttons and ignore them anyway or to face a Claw with U2 a make Gief think about it for a second and actually take some risks?

I know that this sounds very “consenquential/stately” of me, but I really think that you need to get over this U2 trauma. If you can’t concentrate while having U2… it’s your fault, not Splendid Claw’s =P
We all know that in a fighting game you need options, the more the options you have the better. Having to get rid of an ultra because it won’t work everytime damn time you use it is like Fuudo wishing that Fei did not have his DP so that he can’t get baited by early jump tatsus. You NEED to have all the options with you… how and what you do with them to make it work it’s another debate.

Regarding Zeus using U1: Of the non-projectile characters, I only saw him using U1 against Boxer. When I asked him why he picked that ultra he said exactly this to me: “Gimmicks”.
I didn’t asked which was this gimmicky, but IMO he wanted to land a CH U1 (while in juggle state, Boxer is the floatiest character in the game, so it’s not that hard) and be called golike by everyone. Or he was trying to land crossup U1. Whatever.


Aside from jump ins, it is very easy to land it on reaction, whereas, lets admit, U1’s motion, start up and absence of inv. frames doesn’t let it to be done on reaction. He whiffed a green hand? Bam! Hell, I can’t tell how many times I’ve hit Giefs whiffing with U2 on reaction.


oh confirms are fine,,, but multiple cr.lp for me is just bleh…either cr.lp to or just to but doing like 3 cr.lp is just too much and too risky


Yesterday I won an online tournament. It had pretty much really strong players.

I did not played that well. Even though I won I definetely could’ve played better. But, oh well. I’ll leave the link with the timestamps in here in case you guys want to check it out.

SFT AnjoRaziel (Guile) -
SFT Dark817 (Abel) -
CNB Chuchu (Sakura) -
SFT MarcelGDS (Rose) -
SOA Breno F1gth3rs (Cammy/ERyu) -


u are awesome as always Haztlan

P/s: 3:01:36 is sick


@ 58:30 !!!

I guess there will be plenty more, I say in advance great matches! Will watch it tonight.

Are you staying on Xbox for good or will you come back to steam once the netcode problems are fixed?


Well, happens out that the best players of my country are playing in the xbox. So naturally I’ll be more present there than on Steam.

But sure, I’ll not drop the plataform. Once in a while I’ll be there. That online training mode with acess to keyboard chat with a simple ALT + TAB alone is enough for me to buy it.


Dude that was a sick ultra 2 setup in your guile match-up. I think I remember you posting something about how that works before but alas I can’t find it.


Holy shit, just discovered that Twitch supports timestamps just like youtube!
I already edited the links of the matches in my previous post accordingly.


Haztlan: could you please tell me how to do this setup double cosmic heel to ultra 2 again ? Does this work on everyone ?


Hm, I’ll try to keep it simple to understand.
See thisat 22 seconds (can’t timestamp this video for some reason).
CH ST immediately jump whiff jiHP at the end CH = CH hits in the front.
CH ST immediately jump whiff air grab at the end CH = Claw lands behind the opponent due to the whiffed air grab and the CH hits behind. (Claw can only land on the other side against some characters).

In both situations the CH hits it meaty, so it’s very easy to land the U2 afterwards. But keep in in mind that this IS a gimmicky. It can be avoided by simply not quickstanding. So DO NOT use it as a reliable source of okizeme. Save it for when you really need to steal a round from someone at a tournament as they’ll not get hit twice by that.

With that setup is really easy to CH U2 anyone in the cast. But in general, the difficulty of land a CH U2 on grounded opponents can vary a lot depending on the characters.
I am practicing CH U2 from point blank on grounded opponents a lot. I can CH U2 from point blank any character in the game without the need of setups. Of course that I can’t do it 100% of the time, depending on the character the sucess rate ranges from 15% to 95%. I tried to do it against the Sakura player, but I failed and got KKK flip instead.

If you want to practice, try against Boxer first. He is one of the floatiest character in the game while in juggle state. So it’s very easy to land that combo on him.

Here’s a list of the characters that are not exactly hard to land it:
Trivia: This list is the same as the one that Gouki players use to know which character can get hit by LK Tatsu > Sweep.


All 22 Colors


Anybody seen this yet? It’s kinda nasty.


For the summer costume, I’ll stick with the purple coloration, because it looks the best of the bunch.


this thread is sorta dead.
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