Matador Video Thread



I’ll just put up a crap vid of mine to. No need to coment on it, was for fun and turned in to the reason to start putting time in with Vega again ^^


May as well post this I guess. I don’t think I could have beaten him like I did if we had a runback.



I was playing against this Gen and after AAing him everytime he started to pick U2 to do a scumbag jump > U2 to catch my button.
That never happened to me before, after the set I went to training mode to test how it works and I ended up with this which I find to be quite funny:

Nothing exactly new nor anything, but the interaction between the moves are quite particular.


The satisfaction of doing that in a real match would be awesome! Too bad Gen players almost never go with U2…


Great find, I know what I’m gonna keep an extra close eye out for now, lol. [Though CH is a horrible anti-air, so if he does a normal jump attack It’ll hurt.]


Grand Finals:

I won a tournament recently down here in Cornwall (UK).
Any ideas on what I could of done better/what else to look out for?

I pretty much just tried to control the match and frustrate him to death which seemed to work.
Also, Cr.HP is pretty beastly against Dictators St.HK.


Man it’s painful watching this dictator fall for the sky high claw a bazillion of times. Even most decent online warriors have learned to block that.


nice job man


IMO Claw does beat Dictator 6-4 convincingly. LK Scissor being -1 on block is EXTREMELY HUGE in this MU.


I think it was his nerves.

Thanks man.

Yeah, it felt like he really struggled to build and maintain solid pressure. The focus dash forwards got me a bit at first so I’ll be on the look out for that gallop.

A really nice run by Reiketsu from the 20v20 Fukuoka Gamers Club VS Team Yokohama set.
After the first match he’s on from 2:21 - 17:23.


Nice find, thanks!


of course he would lose to an abel…


A Whole bunch of Reiketsu’s Poison and Claw , thanks to Air twitch stream.


That match is from the first week after USFIV’s launch (first time playing against Elena IIRC). So the lack of MU knowledge was absurd back then. Nothing exactly special regarding that.

Except what happens at 2min mark. I’ve been doing this consistently for a long time now. Time to you guys learn that shit modafocas. It is hard, but definetely viable even from point blank.

You can use the list below to begin with. Once you’re confortable with it you can finally do it against everyone (except Blanka, unless you hit the dfHK meaty my advice is to not try this juggle against him as he falls extremely fast).

CH U2 easier on:

Chun Li
C. Viper
Dee Jay
El Fuerte
E. Honda
Fei Long
T. Hawk


damn, so it is viable then…but god dammit, it’s so hard to hit confirm it.

i remember my first experience with an elena…it was gamerbee…


lol grounded…

That is kind of motivating indeed - airborne it works rather good already so the step is not too big I guess…

#3919 Me playing a tourney in Stockholm. The video starts in the top6 match and I later lose against a Sakura for the top 3 position in game 3. Played like shit… Top-8 match against Bashfest Sagat starts 28min in.


USF4 Vega Tutorial: Advanced Tech: Combos, Resets, and Frame Traps