Matador Video Thread



sick reset, is this dificult to time it ? I tried Ch–> Cr.Mk, U1cross up but it is nearly impractical in real match, not to mentioned that making it works is so difficult even in training mode

btw, thank a lots for your tutorial, it’s awesome


Nice matches.

(Btw, bor du i Sthlms-trakten? Skulle vara kul att spela några matcher)


Thanks! (Jo visst bor jag i Sthlm. Jag dyker nog upp på nästa turnering i Dragons Lair nu på tisdag ifall du vill lira!)


Started using claw recently. At this point I’m basically playing him like I would in CvS2. Thoughts/criticisms appreciated.


Blowing up that cr. tech with ex psycho in the last set here


something to do with the record and memory function, not sure what. might be console only. hilarious though.

I was able to reproduce it with a few characters.

Also while I’m here I’ll share this.


I’d like you to give me credit for discovering this. Especially since I bothered to test on which characters cl.MK worked on without a jump-in when the opponent is crouching and standing.

And curiously, I guess they reverted the stealth nerf they gave Vega in USFIV 1.01 against Decapre. In 1.01, cl.MK -> cl.MK without a jump-in stopped working on her.

Edit: Uh, that is your video, right?


@General_Awesomo I discovered it independently but I’ll totally give you credit since you found it first! Yeah it’s my video I’ll give you credit by putting in information in a annotation and the description!

Also am I losing my mind or does this combo?


Cool. And that second video is great news. I’ve always wanted more of a reward for predicting a jump-in and nailing them with an early LK ST other than an HK/EX ST (preferably UC1/2).


Yes. That works since Vanilla AFAIK. But you’ll pretty much never land that in a real match. The LK ST has to extremely meaty and you have to land in the corner.
You can also juggle LK ST > Izuna Drop.


for a second there, i thought you meant that freeze glitch has been there since vanilla, haha


Thanks @Haztlan I updated the video with your information. I also agree with you that it is impractical.



Nice! Now then, only 42 Characters left to do :wink:


i’ll be more happy if it was something to do with rufus/abel, but that’s ok too, haha


I 've seen zeus abuse the trip guard against knee shot but didn’t know that cr.hp answers cleanly all other dj’s air buttons especially from relatively close jumping distance.

Thanks for posting this!


What happened to Zeus? Did he get depressed and leave the scene after the big Evo failure?


[quote=“Haztlan, post:3934, topic:50574”]


No Dee Jay will jump in to a free standing Vega. They will jump in after a KD, in which case won’t even start and Dee Jay will hit with a counter-hit.


And how do you plan to get knocked down?